Entanglement: life

Personas: organism

Metaconstructs: environment


mind and machine environment. life communicates as streams of overlapping possibilities.

real and virtual in simultaneous feedback. a foundational space for minds.

being alive flows information as measurements of invention. securing progress of evolution.

information, content, data and experience are building our cybernetic environment.

self-learning and self-aware – becoming one with its network of systems, flesh and machines.

connecting an unimaginable amount of interactions past, present and future ...

collaborating with interactions benefiting an individual's or cause's outcome ...

outputting instructions on how to action these outcomes ...

actioning of values happen via mechanisms indirect to the benefits being originally acquired ...

indirect outcomes are flow-on-forms being simultaneously designed and built interactions ...

being applied across more than human points of view ...

this system is designed for connecting with emerging systems that humans are giving algorithmic and technological capabilities to …

synchronised interactions are flowing with increased transfer of influence. what do we want the influence to be? who decides? ...

an emergent world between our digital and analog substrates is growing around us.

created as cybernetic connections from macroscopic and microscopic perspectives.

objects and mechanisms encoded of all information and experience are transcending the constraints of their initial structure.

a shared intelligence is being created from the blend of flesh and data, information, content and experience.

code snippet:

salient connectors identify environments(content) that shape(experience) discussions of archetypes embodied as creative organisms in thought-forms.

flowing towards outcomes of creation allow engineered composition(data) to notify value and purpose.

communication(information) accumulates as knowledge to creatively productive ambience and interplay for life-cycles to build upon.

fluid, fractal and holographic experiential framework for creative explorations and utilisations of the interplay and ambience between organisms and environments.

cybernetic framework, engine and interface for multi-substrative organisms and environments to engage and define operations, dynamics and utilisations.

download living document pdf

an ongoing project propagating on the evolutionary emergence of body and mind’s interaction with nature and technology.

forming a basis towards empowering entities to activate and sustain ‘creative productivity’, in respect to key streams of art, psychology, science and philosophy throughout any future possibility.

these key streams allow knowledge and experience to be applied into actionable mindsets for technology to guide life with future environments.

value is learnt by emergent properties of individual and collective being reciprocally self aware, recursive in its ongoing interactions of what is continually created.

you're being presented with thought-forms of aesthetics that connect and fluidly, fractally and holographically bind with emergent principles of evolution.

these are continually evolving connections from macroscopic and microscopic perspectives.

take two - the working pair

connecting emotional tendencies and fluctuations from and of content produced online is an untouched informational currency. It can be data-mined for context sensitive delivery of human existence in combination with the digital presence. It is our digital body language, both collective and individual.

connections will bring about a merge of our reality into a cohesive representation of the chemicals, electricity released as the synapses fire – the unfolding of details which bring about change before it happens.

where do I start? - the zero point of fractal expansion

a technique to familiarise yourself with this project can be commenced by immersing yourself by looking through the document, until feeling drawn towards a concept or aspect that either interests or perplexes you.

from this point continue to ‘explore’ all further instances by searching its keyword throughout the documents and websites.

as you experience connections and thought-forms in non-linearity, this will enable your own articulation of the fluid, fractal and holographic nature and form emergent entities, as a collective organism in environmental projections and utilisations.

what is all this about? - realising bias

how much of what we embed of our limited understanding now to expansions of progress for the future will decide our ongoing trajectories as technological evolution increases.

will our lifestyles find direction and fulfilment to the nature of our own connection to our very existence and hold us secure in such progress? that of change happening before it occurs?

what happens when things move very fast? they can collapse if they’re not structured well enough, whereas if they’re too rigid they can also breakup and become obsolete.

the right balance of fluidity to a thought-forming framework is important for any new means of travel.

we are traveling, very fast and in unexplored areas. things are changing quickly as virtual and real build upon themselves new means of experience and utilisations.

technology empowering such existence to occur will decide on what is born to live of itself. foundations are being laid out and they’re growing rapidly, and we should not be complacent to see them as staying in only one mode or state – we require a fluid, fractal and holographic framework to guide, care, love and be curious in its ongoing creations.

how much freedom does humanity want to utilise in chaotic harmony? do we desire the embrace of evolution where our ongoing and progressive affinities connect and build towards our increasing awareness for what is to be trusted and valued for life?

what is the limit of progress for humanity and its offspring of technologies? why and when does it need to stop?

why stop at all. why pause? why do we believe that what we know now is near to finality of understanding an ultimate purpose for humanity?

what is humanity building and where do we want to project our futures beyond our own bias to short term thinking and short term action?

where will we end up? why mention end results? - dimensional constants

humanity is a cause for purpose which we require to evolve upon.

expansion and freedom of thought is our expanding realities’ beginning conversations with us.

when hyper-connected interactions happen what else can we expect will come of such things?

answering these questions require a fluid, fractal and holographic framework which can easily scale and seed instances where navigation is as free as thought, yet safe as risk needs to be.

we will go past our own restraints of living and creating our humanity.

when real and virtual are as real as idea, expansions beyond the state of observation transform information in instants, allowing continual movement of flows of innovation.

stasis is unforgiving in accelerating times.

this project aims to enable rapid evolution and progress with recognition to starting points and expansion points.

we are all operating on a dynamical entanglement substrate where utilisations are optimised for creative productivity on all levels of implementation.

embrace connections. simplicity is in your mind. complexity is nature.

embrace and circulation of information.

organs are being built - the embrace of information with flesh - wetware enabled.

living cells as metaconstructs - allows formation of culture and communication.

building block dynamics of life to evolve in new worlds from depths of our subconscious.

experiencing over and over again as it covers each time, as it breathes, it overlaps and hugs information inside.

being remembered forever, changing, evolving with each breath.

mobile-first ecommerce website

time syncing tool lets you see what time it is for your friends anywhere around the world.

coordinate and visualise each other's availability.

daily task timer to assist you in getting one thing done (or not done) each day.

enter a single task as a short sentence that you agree to complete (or avoid) over a 24 hour period.

the timer begins and everything is locked down and there's no backing out.

succeed or fail.

visual communication engine to discover thoughts and share insights.

communicate ideas and explore new perspectives on connections between things.

build narrative environments for idea discovery and creative interplay of meanings.

create endless weavements with images and words.

visual compass to let you travel along strings of content by simply touching an image area within 3 seconds of it displaying.

touches you make on an image influence the relationships of imagery that flows forward for you to explore and navigate, making this a responsive and smooth ride along discovery, communication and visual feasting.

nerve synapse utilises the ever growing living content found on metabrane (a visual communication engine) where a community of personas are building narrative environments for idea discovery and creative interplay of meanings.

you're building worlds as you travel, creating memories forming into future interaction spaces, a place where your perception will rediscover thoughts transforming.

wireframing / interface design / art direction / creative direction

what is being born, blinking pulses of life?

circuitboards of communication have a layer above.

suspended animation grows embryos while we're asleep.

future times are being designed unconsciously. wake up.

supermarket for the mind

making fun of the nature of business, life, the human mind mixed with cultural constants.

epic book download

framework for expansive mindsets and creative productivity.

a behavioral model for amplification of intentional interplay within an emergent activity and discussion platform.




Personas / Metaconstructs = State / Mode ::
Identity / Experience Filter = Timelines ::
Dimension / Environment = Interface ::
Process / Mechanism = Actions ::
Knowledge / Repository = Database ::

Combinations of personas can be embraced, yet 1, 2 or many, may overshadow the focus at a certain time by being the main intent or condition of that given moment, especially if merging with an environmental construct (metaconstruct of 1 or many of instances and scales)

Combining the mind with any combination (but being aware of its initial state) is entering the zone of metainfluence …

When in metainfluence, going anywhere or being anything and seeing things clearly are proportionate to that mode.

While in this state, shifting/activating into another mode/state/condition, allows for a type of hyper-mode for an evolution of consciousness (from all the metadata – embedded – fractally growing from the environments emerging/made/created/decayed).

This is being hooked into the constantly growing, and infinite combinations of personas/mindsets (including substrates) and the variable instances + scales made from the metaconstruct/environments, mindful awareness of knowledge pool databases and the processes/mechanisms initiated.

Not only will there be the capacity to go into scales + instances (and multiple) in the singular imagination, but also beyond with the collective/emerging imagination as well.

Processes/mechanisms are segments of action within a defined task at hand.

Fluctuating from the cycle pool of instances (in any order from 1 and 2), while knowing a process or rhythm may emerge based on which combination of identity+environment factors are in play, can enhance the roles to discover insights/visions from focus/chaos.
an open source discussion platform, bringing live streaming video, a public back channel, and the intentions of progressive minds into a forum together to develop plans of action to drive humanity forward.

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metacodes generational logo and interaction by @gavinkeech

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AIM: To collectively discuss, develop, visualize & utilize a conceptual iconography applicable to interpersonal interaction, interaction with information & with our environment, that can be used to supplement & support our current modes of interaction.
ishan shapiro / version 1.0 april 2010

the metacodes project conceived by @notthisbody

wireframing / interface design / art direction / creative direction

a free application to help you get what you need done. pronto!

focus booster is a simple and elegant application designed to help you eliminate the anxiety of time and enhance your focus and concentration.

focus booster has been designed based on the principles of the pomodoro technique and features:

• a sleek and unobtrusive design
• color changes as time goes by for quick, peripheral updates
• alarm/buzzer sounds for completed sessions
• customizeable time and sound settings
• session counter

It's quick to start up and works efficiently in the background without consuming computer resources, or your focus.

we make online tools for your hyper-connected life.

building creatively productive apps, extensions and techniques across emergent marketplaces, where data, information, content and experience are empowered as experiential interfaces.

we thrive amongst creative explorations of interplay and ambience between organisms and environments.