Cadeiras na Varanda
Palíndromo magazine is a project from from Greco Design for Rona Editora. For the first issue of the magazine, invited professionals from different fields were given full creative freedom on both content and design to explore the topic 'Relation'.

I was asked to collaborate on the literature section of the magazine, entitled 'Cadeiras na Varanda' (Chairs on the balcony, in portuguese). The text approached different forms of relationship throughout the times, from how people used to talk to the people passing by their doors (whilst sitting on the balcony chairs) to contemporary times, talking about digital relationships can lead to loneliness.

I divided the text into three parts, according to the era it described. Using the reference given on the text's title, a chair was drawn for each era. For the drawings, and most important, the choice of the chairs the time described, the type of relationship, and the social and economical factor described were put into consideration.

Since the text was the main concern on this specific section, the materials and editorials choices were made in order to give the section an old-book feel, creating a contrast with the other, more image driven, sections.

The text made lots of past-present comparisons filled with nostalgia, thinking about that, a letter-sized version of the text was included on the back of the section, inviting readers to share with friends (physically, instead of via facebook) while still maintaining their copy of the magazine.

The text can be read on the author's blog
Photography: 42 Fotografia