Coca-Cola Razões Para Acreditar
"Reasons to Believe" is a global campaign to celebrate 125 years of Coca Cola’s existence. It was inspired by an investigation conducted by The Coca-Cola Company globally, to see how strong our reasons to believe in a better world really are. The results of the research were both astonishing and touching and have thus resulted in a local campaign focused on inspiring optimism and encouraging positive action.

The Ad Campaign highlights positively that although individualism and a culture of egocentrism has seeped into society, there is a stronger force at hand - tilting the scales in a more positive direction. On the internet, we’ve used Twitter updates to prove in real time that people online are more positive than negative.

On Facebook, people could use a positivemeter to discover if they believed in a better world.


We started the work with this:

What we did:


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