Acorn is a location-triggered messaging and reminders app featured by TechCruch, Fox Business, and Venture Beat.

My goodness what a ride acorn™ has been! Nine months ago, my good friend Gabriel Otte, a former iOS engineer at Apple, called me up and asked if I would co-found an awesome location-triggered messaging startup with him. Typically, a designer does not get placed in a co-founder’s role, but due to Professor Otte’s experience at Apple, he puts design at the forefront of everything he does (what a dream for a designer right?

I joined the co-founding team of three, we got accepted into New York’s highly competitive DreamIt Ventures Accelerator program, and the rest was history! As Chief Design Officer I designed all UI/UX of the iOS and Android apps, and directed all company promotional videos.
Pegg is a San Francisco-based startup looking to use their tech skills for positive change. This is an app all about sparking empathy in its young users. To say I'm proud to have branded their company and designed their app is an understatement.

Cultural Identity & Participatory Design
Brooklyn, New York

I was lucky enough to direct, film, edit, and even record the voiceover (yeah das me) of the kickstarter film that raised $30k in a month.

Before starting, I honestly could not believe it was possible to effectively "brand" one of the most diverse places on earth, Brooklyn, New York. After a year of research, fund-raising, workshops, a documentary, and designing a web and iOS application, we're well on our way to branding the borough.

I was asked to move from designer and filmmaker to project manager for this incredible project. This Herculean participatory design project can be broken down into four parts.
1. iOS and web application for people to post what Brooklyn is to them
2. Documentary of the journey to define the ever-changing BK identity
3. Workshops hosted throughout the borough
4. Collaborative art exhibition and book

Frank Scott Krueger, designer
imagenHB, design firm
The largest digital signage network in the united states.

Check out Admirable's live website here.

Also check out the Admirable animation I illustrated, directed, and wrote the voiceover copy for! To be totally Frank, I'm not the biggest fan of the music they went with in the end, but what-can-ya-do?
Creatorio is a Colombian-based company that designs urban transportation solutions from comfort bikes to city planning.

BÉABA USA is the North American sector of the Paris-based company that is the gold standard for designer baby care products (AKA they're the best).

Project Description
Design a fully responsive website that effectively communicates the company's reputable identity across all platforms, to an international audience.

Frank Scott Krueger, designer
imagenHB, design firm

Branding for the California apparel company focused on the intersection of local pride and design culture.

Brand Development and Staff Illustrator
Literary and Arts Publication

Cover Illustration, Issue 2
Materials: Pen and Ink, Found Digital Imagery

Cover Illustration, Issue 1
Materials: Pen and Ink, Found Digital Imagery

"Where Did Samm Go?" Illustration
Materials: Pen and Ink, Digital Coloration

Packaging and Identity
Materials: Lazer-Engraved Maple Wood, Mahogany Wood, Cork and Hand-Blown Glass