Frances Stanfield
Paper Sculptures at the Freud Museum, August 2017

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Exploring Erotica II
The British Museum

"Frances will be leading a re-run of Exploring Erotica at the British Museum, a day-long drawing workshop as a follow up to her PORN ON PAUSE series of prints and paintings, the conception of which project was rooted in the SHUNGA exhibition in the Prints and Drawings Department at the British Museum.

This workshop will focus on how drawing from art can be an exciting tool in our own creative process, as a means to an end but particularly, in this class, as an end in itself. You will experiment with filtering other artist’s visions of the human body made from both etched linear mark making and soft tonal prints into your own individual and personal visual language. This class aims to inspire and motivate participants to continue drawing from and making use of the British Museum’s incredible collection of prints and drawings outside and beyond this workshop."

The British Museum

Drawing workshop led by Frances Stanfield

"An ever changing mark on the human body, hair and how it has been represented throughout art history and in various aspects of cultural, sexual and religious life, is rich with symbolic social and personal significance. Alongside its naturally occurring and culturally constructed history, (widely speaking western culture has seen hairiness as a sign of physical strength and power in men and as calculated and careless in women) hair lends itself perfectly to exploring drawing’s boundless ways of describing texture, volume and surface through line and tone.

Frances Stanfield will be teaching this day-long immersive drawing workshop that invites you to untangle the British Museum’s incredible variety of prints and drawings through the ages. From a painterly drawn beard by Rubens to Jim Dine’s fetishistic, lineal etchings of pubic hair, prints of Botticelli’s Venus and the voluptuous wigs of caricaturist Matthew Darly to the more abstract lithographs of Arthur Boyd and Edvard Munch."

London Drawing Group is working with the Bridget Riley Art Foundation at the British Museum to inspire drawing from the Museum’s Prints and Drawings collection. Each session is unique and explores carefully chosen artworks through different theoretical frameworks.

New Bloomsbury publication

Very excited to be a part of Alan Male's second and revised edition of Illustration: A Theoretical & Contextual Perspective, published by Bloomsbury 2017

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Exploring Erotica
The British Museum

"08/11/2016: EXPLORING EROTICA led by Frances Stanfield.

Frances will be teaching this day-long workshop as a follow up to her PORN ON PAUSE series of prints and paintings, the conception of which project was partially rooted in the SHUNGA exhibition in the Prints and Drawings Department at the British Museum.

Hosted in the fabulous oak panelled Study Room of the British Museum, which houses over 50,000 drawings and over two million prints dating from the beginning of the fifteenth century up to the present day, Frances will be teaching a day-long immersive workshop based on an incredible variety of erotic art through the ages, ranging from eighteenth century prints to mythological illustrations, this workshop will allow you to get up close and personal with the hidden side of artmaking through the ages!
During the morning session we are delighted to announce that our hosts the BRAF will be delivering a short talk on the history of the works in question as well as some history about the study room, with the remainder of the day made up of a series of drawing exercises and time spent sketching from the works."

London Drawing Group Residency 19th Sept-16th Oct 2016

Thank You Lewisham Arthouse!

"Lewisham Arthouse would like to say a huge thank you to the London Drawing Group who recently completed their tenure as the Arthouse’s first curators in residence.
LDG presented an ambitious and highly successful program of exhibitions, workshops and talks. All the workshops were offered free of charge with an ethos of inclusivity and an agenda to demystify the act of drawing “breaking down contextual barriers and helping people to engage in the playful, unpredictable and unknown aspects of art making”.
The residency was structured around a series of four exhibitions. Individual shows by each of the three members of LDG acted as the starting point for the three weeks of workshops, culminating in a community exhibition, showcasing the artworks made by the participants of the workshops. Lucy, Frances and Luisa worked tirelessly preparing, promoting and presenting all elements of the program and it was excellent to see the project space as a buzzing hive of activity throughout.

Following on from this their next project is a series of workshops at the British Museum – check out the available events on their Eventbrite page ("

Porn on Pause
Lewisham Arthouse October 2016


-Charlie from Sex Worker Solidarity Society
-Dr Matt Lodder
-Sara Janssen
-Trinity Tristan

Special thanks to sponsors Gallery 57 and Kino Design

Acts of Translation
19th September - 16th October
London Drawing Group at Lewisham Arthouse 2016 in partnership with Deptford X Festival

Acts of Translation is month long public programme of events curated by the London Drawing Group (Lucy McGeown, Luisa-Maria MacCormack and Frances Stanfield) encouraging people to engage in the playful, unpredictable and unknown aspects of making art and promote the joy of drawing through a series of free workshops, talks, walks and exhibitions.

Eggs on Toast
4 page monoprinted Graphic Novel

Society for the Social History of Medicine (SSHM) conference July 2016

Live drawings of talks and a drawing workshop to encourage cross disciplinary interaction between humanities and the arts.

"...workshops provided a crucial space for visitors to escape the brain fatigue that often results from a hectic schedule of academic events, allowing historians to explore health, illness, and the body beyond the confines of research papers that come one after another in most conferences." - Ryosuke Yokoe. You can read Yokoe's complete review of the conference here

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Drawing at Line Gallery

Exhibition: The Painted Print with Frances Fay Davies
Mother Studios, London, Feb 2016

A percentage of profit made will go to Gateway, a volunteer run social club for adults with learning disabilities in South London. The monoprints shown here are between £85 and £105. Please get in contact for availability.

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New monos July '15

Juicy Lips, 2015

Fay, 2015

Coming soon...
Porn Print series

After Nan Goldin 2015
Monoprint on Zirkall Paper

Mono Muffs

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Royal Drawing School Central 2014/2015

May 2014

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Illustrations Published
Illustration: Meeting the Brief, Alan Male, 2014

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Shunga Bits
April 2014

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春画 (Shunga)

Pencil sketches made at the British Museum. Ink drawings of 'Modern Shunga' made in response.

Taken by the mutuality of Shunga, I decided to create a series using modern day pornography.

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Exhibition March 2014
Trinity Stores, London

Original artwork for sale. For pricing and availability please email

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A Special Viewing
20th March, 7pm

A special viewing of my second series interpretations of Richard Avedon Photographs (not yet seen online) at Trinity Stores, London. There will be original artwork for sale from £40. Come along!

Richard Avedon
Gagosian Exhibition 2013

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Sketches made at the Gagosian gallery - Ink drawings made in response

Wiśniowy sad

Studio Teatr 2013: Sketchbook II

These are pages of a second sketchbook made whilst working at Teatr Studio in Warsaw on the production Wiśniowy Sad (The Cherry Orchard - Chekhov).

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Studio Teatr 2013: Sketchbook I

These are pages of a sketchbook made whilst working at Teatr Studio in Warsaw on the production Wiśniowy Sad (The Cherry Orchard - Chekhov).

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Illustration on .Cent
"The Artists Issue" guest edited by renowned make-up artist Alex Box.

Illustration in .Cent magazine running alongside the work of designer Jil Sander.

Humphrey Ocean 2013
A response to Ocean's 'New Portraits'

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My designs on watch faces in collaboration with and May28th

" May28th. It could have just been another normal day. But when Fab asked 28 artists from around the globe to develop their own individual wristwatch designs, the face of time was given a makeover—by 28 of the freshest minds in illustration, collage and graphic design."

Now on Shop!

Screen Print

2 of 2 in Vogue series

Limited edition of 25

Printed in Berlin.

Illustration on .Cent

I was asked by .Cent to create an illustration for the "He-She" Issue to run alongside the work of designer Thakoon. The image below was the original double page spread design.

26 of my designs are being sold on at sale prices!

"Frances Stanfield’s work captures something that lies behind the flat, glossy surface of the magazine page or the exhibition poster. In her prints, the images come alive: quick, broken lines make the models’ haute couture dresses leap out, or give an actor’s face an almost grotesque look. No wonder design and creative hub named her one of their Top Ten Creatives of the Week."

Coming soon on Shop! (Now sold on at sale price)
Screen print
Limited edition of 25
3 colour
Printed in Berlin.

on Ballad of ...

Berlin Markets
Pigmalion Dec 2012

on Business Boom Collective

{image 33}

at The Missing Bean Oct - Dec 2012

{image 34}

NEW! addition to my British Vogue series - any feedback most welcome!

Santorini Biennale
I have 14 pieces of my fashion illustration at Santorini Biennale of Arts 2012 and it's now open to the public. I haven't been able to go to Santorini so if you're about and you see my work, it would be really great to hear what you think!
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Atlantis Books
My work on Atlantis Books website - the most beautiful book shop in the world!

Santorini Biennale
My poster is being used for the Santorini Biennale of Arts 2012!

Theatre posters
I have been asked to create some poster ideas for Theatre Ad Infinitum - a fantastically innovative theatre company based in London and Toronto. Here's what I've come up with so far...

PSFK have over 1 million readers and my work was published on their site! I was picked for PSFK's Top Ten Creatives of the week

"Over 1,000,000 readers from the design, digital, marketing, media and technology industries come to each month to read and share the emerging ideas..."

LFW 2012
Illustrations covering Jasper Garvida's A/W 2012 show on

Florence and Millie write up:

Illustrations done by Frances Stanfield are totally rocking our world right now. Although the young illustrator specializes in a variety of areas for her work, it is obvious she is a fashion illustration aficionado. Stanfield’s illustrations are incomparable to any other fashion illustrator we have seen. She has a vastly stylized approach. Stanfield’s pseudo-primitive style is so energizing to view and bring a true uniqueness to the fashion world. Her easy-going lines create perfect contrasting compliments in all of her pieces. The simple outlines on the figures coupled with the gestural and abrupt lines in the figure’s hair and garments are exactly what we are talking about. But of course it doesn’t stop there, as she strategically dabs paint on to complete the figure. We could talk all day about how cool and artful we think Frances Stanfield’s work is, but it’s time to let the work speak for itself and see what we’ve been raving about!


Illustrator Frances Stanfield recently graduated from Falmouth Uni and is currently based in London.

Specialising in all sorts of creative goodies including work for hand made books and posters, it's her adult narrative illustration dealing with the fashion world that caught our eye this lunchtime.
Among the pieces we like are a series of striking interpretations of magazine covers, and we think her editorial works dealing with McQueen's recent 'Savage Beauty' exhibition are exceptionally strong; rendered in a rather painterly style in the medium of pencil and crayon.

There's more to see on Stanfield's site, and potentially something to pick up for yourself too as she also produces prints of her work

Art Director and Art Buyer Anneke Krull shared my work on her site, thank you Anneke!

And again!

New Designers exhibition, please excuse atrocious picture quality

View from our New Designers space

Review for my Red Riding book at New Blood - Arts Thread

New Blood exhibition

Been in London the past week with work showing at New Blood. Had a really useful portfolio review with Breed creative agency and a great time with Tomato on Friday.

My new Arts Thread portfolio

Final Degree Show

NEW YORK, NEW YORK! Proffessional practice trip which included portfolio reviews with the New York Times Op-Ed section, The Centre for Book Arts, Dress Code, Lingren & Smith Agency and The Drawing Centre

Smile for London competition submission