Predictivity Trade campaign

GE was trying to show their new Industrial Internet technologies. A tool to maximize productivity and change management strategies for whole industries. To communicate that,
we created a campaign including print, video, social and 3D mapping, where we could show that when GE speaks the language of industry, amazing things happen.

GE Canada - Bromont Campaign

Headline: Innovation works here.

Nela Park - 100 years of Innovation

Print and poster - Body Grooming campaign

Holidays campaign 2014

Christmas time always brings our most sweet childhood memories back.
With that in mind, The Art of Shaving created a campaign encouraging the men’s impulse
to ask for what they really want for christmas. The idea was simple: showing men acting like kids in the moment they are face to face with their desired gift. No more sweaters, belts or socks. It’s ok to ask for The Art of Shaving.

Launching campaign in Brazil

The challenge of making something remarkable and with no budget lead us to came up with this idea: to take a iconic and famous yellow car from a guy that is aways at the same point in Sao Paulo, and give him a Mini. The results were a lot of instantaneous media.

Everyday Care Campaign

Johnson & Johnson launched the “Everyday Care” campaign to transform first aid purchases from reactive & routine to proactive & every day. The print work brings to life the sentiment that Johnson & Johnson first aid products celebrate your family’s impulse to play.

Apaixonados FC (Lovers Football Club)

Kaiser is an important beer brand in Brazil. The objective was to reach a bigger number of consumers, investing a small amount of money. So, the idea was using the soccer as a big catalyst, sponsoring the biggest 4 soccer teams of São Paulo and creating a new platform on digital to embrace this uncountable number of fans and potential consumers. Taking advantage of the passion of those fans as a driving force, with a small investment in seeding and digital media and with the creation of a new experience website and digital games for the most popular devices, we've reached more than 14 thousand users per day from all over the country. All of them visiting, playing, sharing and contributing for the Kaiser's campaign.

Remixing the anthems of the four teams in one song, we've produced spots showing the passion for the soccer and inviting fans to do the same. More than 2000 videos submitted in just 10 days of campaign.

Experience website
The 360º stadium view gives the user the experience of being in the center of the field. It was the first digital stadium build like that. The crowd of the stadium (captured using cinema) grows dynamically, based on the number of fans that each team brings to the website. Click here to see a low res animation of the website

Side by side with TV (Launching campaign)

MONSTER.COM Career website
Project You - Poster and print

Monster.com launched a new website: Project You. It's a tool that pinpoints the areas in your life that need a bit of TLC. So the more you understand about your life, the more you can improve it. To help to launch the website, we develop a print and poster campaign that was also used in social media.

Sol Music Lab - Integrated campaign

Sol Beer was one of the preferred beers of the young people in Brazil. So the client was looking for a new positioning: more young, more fun, more musical. To fill this expectations, we created an integrated campaign called "Sol Music Lab". It has started with a logo ambigram (SML) launched as a fake band. People could see the ads in everywhere. Meanwhile they are able to download the band's first music "No bad time" to remix that, and send it to a radio contest. After to know the winner, people could see who actually is "SML" and discover that it was in fact the "Sol Music Lab" launching this new positioning with a famous Brazilian band. It was ended by recording that winner music in the band's new album.

Draft your friends - Interactive viral spot

The challenge in this project was to make Kaiser beer more popular on the internet. The idea was to make a viral interactive animation that could upload your friends face and spread in social network. The results was more than 20 thousand animations generated.

Kaiser puts you on the game - social media game

Kaiser is one of the sponsors of the head coach of the Brazilian national football team. But once the National team has a competitor as a sponsor, we couldn't mention the head coach in the soccer environment. Then, the idea was to associate the coach with the natural sense of humor that all the Brazilians have and create a different game but using the classic "soccer streets talk" on it. The combination of both was a perfect match to bring many players to "like" the Facebook page.

Print campaign

Facebook App

Kaiser Bock is a dark beer always associated with the Brazilian winter. The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics was the first winter games broadcasted by a TV company to Brazil. Suddenly Brazilians are becoming fans of new a and really interesting game, the Curling. To take advantage of this national moment, we create a Facebook app that showed in a very different way the Curling game, played in a pub table instead of the traditional way.

News Paper - TV spot

The Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper was launching their digital version. The idea was to explore the "man's best friend" bringing the newspaper in a new way.

Internet campaign

To find a new audience for Bavaria beer in internet, we thought in a combination of platforms, using country music and the country lifestyle (called "Sertanejo" in Brazil) as the main road of this campaign. First we have created a digital radio, where singers from all over the country could send their music and be selected as an new country idol. We have also created the "Portal Sertanejo", a place where the consumers could share their experiences, stories and see what's new in the country world. We also have created the "Bavaria Circuit of Rodeo" and the game "Rei do Laço", a kind of "Rock Band" game, but for country music. People played the game on the internet or in rodeos, making a real mobilization in the country universe. The results have reached much more than the expected.

Freestyle Football App (Soccer)

The idea was to use the proximity of the world cup, the olympics and other important soccer events in the calendar to promote the new Nike soccer accessories in a more fun and enjoyable way. We came up with an idea that was an online store hidden in a freestyle juggling multiplayer game. We explored the accelerometer of the devices to simulate real moves. The millions of soccer fans were a great opportunity for downloads and sales.

UNIFIEO University
TV spots

Fake Teacher

Pubs close to universities is something pretty common in Brazil. To avoid the students missing the classes, we have launched this film that goes against loosing time in the pubs. The idea was simple: if you fake your studies, you will end in a fake class, with a fake teacher, learning a fake content and having a fake diploma.

Start with respect

Sun Glass Brand - Interactive/augmented reality mirror for stores

Simple idea to increase the time of the consumers inside the store and amplify their experience with the brand, bringing awareness and more sales.

Four steps for the perfect shave

Men don’t just wake up and have a perfect clean-shaven face, they have to touch it up in the morning. This is something men has been doing for centuries. But just like men evolved, so did their grooming routine. In this campaign, The Art of Shaving creates a “Grooming March of Progress,” demonstrating the evolution of shaving that turns even a cavemen into a perfect shaved gentlemen in only four steps.

Print and outdoor holidays campaign

Print campaign

Print campaign

Halloween Poster

Collect of nice ads from different brands



Love Lock App

Young drivers have been losing their lives every day texting while driving. The stats are brutally scary.15- to 19-year-olds make up the largest proportion of distracted drivers.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, texting while driving kills
11 teens each day. 94% of teens called texting and driving a serious threat, but 35% admitted
to doing it anyway.

21% of distracted teen drivers involved in fatal accidents were distracted by cell phones.

Teen drivers are 4x more likely than adults to get into car crashes or near-crashes
when talking or texting on a cell phone.

46% of drivers under 18 admit to texting while driving.
Over 60% of American teens admit
to risky driving, and nearly half of those admit to texting behind the wheel.

With those stats in mind I have been working in a app that save lives. It is still under production. But you can take a look bellow.

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