“Selectone” is the tool for pure and intuitive music making.
The approach of Selectone is to support the player in his creative process. The focus is to help the visions of the musican come out easily without compromises.
Im a big guitar lover and enthusiastic player. Building guitars for hobby brought me into studying industrial design. I thought it would be a great challange for my diploma thesis, to end with what it begun.
The guitar is a relatively young instrument, but still handled very conservatively. Since the first electrical guitar in 1950, there was nothing new going on, at all.
So there definitely is a huge potential for innovation in this field.
My goal was to deliver the best possible guitar out there. It´s a perfected instrument in structure, details and useabillity.

“If something is really ‘well designed’ the idea of it having ‘been designed’ wouldn’t
come up at all.” (Charles Eames)

The construction priciple is the main theme of the design. There´s a vibrating carbon part and a seperated leather ergonomic body.
Everything has it´s reason, without any self purpose.

Innovative new benefits:

- structural fitted carbon unibody with integrated
ceramic fingerboard & aluminium bridge
(extremely good vibration transfer)
- quick & easy stringchange
- automatic tuning
- easy useability
- lightened markings
- wireless dataexchange
- fine response
- extremely lightweight
- stabile
- perfectly reproduceable
- maintenance-free
- carefree
- perfect soundquality
- highly comfortable