MY NEW SHOWREEL IS UP FOR BUSINESS! ;) HERE IS SOME OF THE LAST 6 MONTHS 3D WORK. Sorry for the poor picture quality, push the "HD" button in the videoplayer for a hd-link to vimeo.

The intro for my next showreel for 2013.

Greek Village 3d from Robin Jonasson on Vimeo.

BOOM BOX Pulldownit Blow up test from Robin Jonasson on Vimeo.

Helicopter BLOWUP! 3D shatter test with pulldownit from Robin Jonasson on Vimeo.

Meet Voodoo Papa

A personal project i´m working on.

Above is the whole episode of SM Motocross (Swedish motocross championchip) which was produced at Shortcut Media and broadcasted on the tv-channel Viasat Motor. The graphics is in the beginning. First youll see the billboards that i made, graphics and sound. Then there is a few seconds speech and then the graphical intro which me and Jimmy Eriksson created from scratch, where I mostly made 3d modelling. (there really is quite a lot of parts on dirtbike:)

My latest experiment with Brainman where I tried out the technique "SSS" in Maya. This makes the skin look more real. Im definitely gonna use this more! I Made the whole scen with Mostly mudbox and some maya, then some quick post-work.

I Made the Billboards to SM Motocross, sent on the tv-channel Viasat Motor, for Shortcut media.I will soon put up the video.

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My second project at shortcut media for Swedavia.

The First project done on my internship at shortcut media for Aon. Created together With 3D artist Jimmy Eriksson. We used Maya, Mudbox, aftereffects and premier. Sound editing by me.

At the moment im making an intro to a swedish motocross tv show at Shortcut Media.

An intro clip for the company Ica made in Maya. I also made the sound effects.

Cuts from a music video with greenscreen takes together with 3d animated backgrounds.

DEMONS MASK. Work in progress.
A traveling bag for a commercial made in Maya and Mudbox.