REEL from Ida Andersson on Vimeo.

I am an animator, illustrator and 3D generalist living and working in London.
I work in After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D. In addition I sculpt a bit in Zbrush, trying to figure out that software is a headache.
I also draw a lot and illustrate pretty things.

I graduated Hyper Island summer of 2011, after which I moved to London
to work on many different bits and pieces.

Visit my Tumblr for some (very) silly sketches and stuff:

To honour the NDA´s I can't upload most of the things I've worked on this past year. I can, however, share a couple of links with you with stuff I worked on at Treatment Studio

For John Mayer I have, among other things, modeled and animated a cardboard house and all assets in the desert, together with the talented Susana Caldeira

John Mayer

And for Robbie Williams I rigged and animated a monkey to sing together with Robbie, below you can see a fan video taken off youtube since I can't upload anything. You'll see a better view of the monkey at 1:50 and forward

Robbie Williams fan video

I am available for freelance and full time,
so feel free to contact me on
or call me on +44 7413689706