Fake Your Own Death Issue 2
Is limited to 150 with a silk screened cover designed by Jessie Rose Vala & art from Tim Root,Rita Badalamenti,Elizabeth Harris,Rob Doran,Nathan Mckee,Tamar Monhait, & contains a mixed CD by Fremont Slim & 2 mini zines designed by Tim Root & 1 designed by Josh Sachs.

A fanzine for the Portland Trailblazers & was limited to 100 copies. The cover was letter pressed by Fortress Letterpress & included art by Tim Wenzel,Tim Root,Doug Pedersen,Rita Badalamenti,Luke Yablonsky,Nathan Mckee,Pete Bowhan,Josh Sachs, & Jaclyn Delorey.It also came with a compilation cd of all songs about the Portland Trailblazers,a Blazers patch & letter pressed bookmark by Fortress Letterpress.

Hangtime was a fanzine released at the end of Oct. for the beginning of the 2011 NBA season. It is limited to 200 copies & includes work by Thom Lessner,Nathan Mckee,Ty Ennis,Bruce Paulson,Bwana Spoons,Rita Badalamenti,Sam Coomes,Luke Yablonsky,Janet Weiss,Lori D,Brent Wick, & Pete Bowhan. Every copy had a hand numbered card as well as a NBA team sticker.