Sound Necklace

This is a project I did to bring fun and playfulness into an everyday object; a necklace that makes sounds.

You can create music by simply pushing the beads on your necklace. Each of them will give you a different sound. The necklace is like your personal musical instrument that you can carry around as an accessory.

The pendants are replaceable and interchangeable. You can play a different sound with one pendant by changing its position on the necklace. Also, you may choose to use as many pendants as you want (up to 6 for now) on your necklace.

I used arduino uno and waveshield to make the sounds. I put in my unique sounds for each button but they can be replaced with any .wav file in the sd card. I used a regular computer speaker because the piezo speaker was not loud enough, but it can be preferred for a more compact look. The power is supplied by a 9V battery attached.

The pendants consist of different numbers of push buttons connected to each other. Each pendant has a power and ground header to be plugged into the female headers on the necklace.

I decided to use one analog pin to get the signals from the buttons. I put 2K resistors in between the female headers on the necklace, and in between each button on a pendant. This allowed me to differentiate the signals coming from different buttons by their potential differences, using a single analog pin.

This experimentation turned out to be a fun alternative to a regular accessory. I hope you enjoyed it!

Photo Credit: Xing Zhang
Special thanks to Marta Molina Gomez

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