Timber Timbre - Black Water
Psychedelic creatures bring a puppet to the surface of the ocean 800% Slower

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Photography By: Geoff Fitzgerald

Directed By: Exploding Motor Car
Produced By: Winston Hacking
Editor: Brett Long
DP: Ian Carleton
Lead Puppeteer: Brett Long
Puppeteers: Winston Hacking, Nikki Woolsey
Production Assistance: James Long, Nikki Woolsey, Tony Wallace
Production Design: Winston Hacking
Puppet Design+Fabrication: Brett Long, Winston Hacking and Yukiko Hara
SFX Makeup: Kevin Hutchison
Set Photographer: Geoff Fitzgerald
Film Transfer: Frame Discreet

Special Thanks:
Arts & Crafts
Taylor Kirk
Kenji Sato
Nikki Woolsey
James Long
Tony Wallace
Geoff Fitzgerald
Niagara Custom Lab
Daiki Hadaka
Daijiro Hama
Frame Discreet