You can program your skull

Into an avenue of crows

A bunch of digital words

In an endless face

You read these words

And there is nothing

No structure no rhythm no name

What do you know

Casting your shadow with

a hand full of fire

Four veins full of waterfalls

Two veins of still water

Catch it in a sinking dance

Of forever submerged in never

We are here we are

You are there


Its alone

Its no more

As it rebirths in blue

Laces of interweaving phrases

Wrapping their skin

As they bleed out

And forget what it all meant
The rawness. The sincerity. The childplay. The discovery. The experimentation. The poetry. The romance. The twist. The mystery. The hidden message. The simplicity. The cleverness. The clarity. The love. The joy. The opennes. The reflection. The peaceful moments. The wink. The embrace. The surrender. The rest. The excitement. The goosebumps. The surprise. The humanity. The vulnerability. The truth. The strength. The sadness. The deep breath. The anger. The flavors. The inspiration. The flow. The sounds. The lights. The night. The sun. The water. The warmth. The dreams. The memories.
There's a rock at the bottom of the river who is always wondering, just as rocks always do.
It wonders what it's like to see the sun.
Hears the many stories from his friends the fish who are always talking to the birds.
Poor rock, even when the river gets shallow in winter, it's all cloudy and it snows and covers the rock up.
And then in spring the snow melts but it quickly turns into water again, the water level goes up and the rock is back at the bottom again...

But one day, after a lot of rain the river grows to a roaring rapid.

It pulls the rock out of it's socket and sends it tumbling down a waterfall.

The rock falls and tumbles and crashes onto a pile of other rocks, they all look just like him.

And the rock is beside himself for he finally!
Gets to see the sun.
Ever day.
In all its bright, dry, hot, glory.
For a very long time.

And sure!
The rock misses his friends the fish.
He misses helping the bear get a footing to catch the fish he didn't get along with.
He misses growing a beard of algae in the summer.
But he has the sun now.
And he gets to wear snow hats.
It's what he aways wanted!
So the rock is content.

After a thousand years a bird lands on it's crown.
Tells him about a fish that knew a rock that lived at the bottom of the river who had been submerged forever and had never seen the sun.
Wow! Said the rock.
And it started wondering, as rocks always do.
What it must be like
To be at the bottom of the river.