Hello, I am Esther Lukacs.
I have freshly graduated from Visart Academy of Arts, Budapest,
having a BA degree in Applied Arts, Graphic Design and Visual Communication.

I’m set to conquer the wide world out there and find my dream job
as a graphic designer.

I have a strong and exciting multicultural background: was born and raised
as a child in Los Angeles, CA, USA, however both my parents are Hungarian,
working as professionals in the classical music and movie business, respectively.
Lately I have lived and studied in Hungary, Europe. During my school breaks
I was lucky to have the chance to work as an intern in various places in Paris, France,
in Jacksonville, Florida and Budapest as well. Therefore I’m fortunate to feel at home, having relatives and many friends and colleagues in these totally different parts of the world.

My primary interest is my profession : making vector graphics, illustration, typography, working on identity design, logo design, branding, packaging design. I prefer to use photographs, paintings and drawings of my own making and achieve the right selection of raw materials which is supposed to result in unique appearance. All my works by now hopefully bear the stamp of my personality which is thought to be elegant, youthful, transparent and precise. In addition I try to command a good sense of colours and of composition and a good eye for proportion. I am especially excited about animation.
I’d like to boast being a highly dedicated team-player, meaning that I love the company of others and able to give my best when working in a team.

This passion of mine is supported by everything else that I do in my spare time:
I am excited to learn about other cultures and people, love the sea and all creatures on and under the surface, enjoy surfing, hiking, skiing, horse riding, travelling, reading, playing/listening to music, ballet dancing, photography, fashion, or baking chocolate cookies.

I am looking forward to new challenges in this new phase of my life, will do my best
to achieve gaining more working experience and useful knowledge to pursue further studies that enhance my career.

Find me at Pinterest/ Vimeo/ Behance/ Instagram.