2011 signaled the birth of a new Los Angeles-based musical triumvirate whose classical training and enthralling sonic automatism drives an experimental and cinematic vision of popular music. Synesthetic, synth-laden dreamscapes, literally popping with hypercolored visuals, this is E.S.P, the sights, sounds and sensory overload of the West Coast cosmos.
The brother / sister combo of Aska and Seiya Matsumiya (keyboards / vocals & keyboards / electronics, respectively) are joined by dear friend Bobby Evans (drums & electronics). The catalyst and dynamics of the band as natural as the group’s synergy and soaring late night anthems of E.S.P’s debut EP.

E.S.P’s hypnotic flow made bi-coastal live debuts in New York and Los Angeles alongside a mesmerizing session for LA’s dublab radio. Showcasing the mystical yet earthy abstracts of ‘Dark Panda’, the awesome bubbling bass and tribal flow of ‘Wonder Wonder’ and the pounding drums and vivacious, new wave synths of ‘Serenade’. The innate, anthemic energy of the band is embodied in the self-referential ‘E.S.P’, a stunning instrumental track whose syncopated drums and vibrant warmth conjures an inspired escapism that actually grounds the band into this reality.