ESP x Flea

Serenade (Miami)

"Their propensity for intense atmosphere and driving rhythm can be handily heard on their August EP, ESP, but when Flea joins them to remake one of that release's standout tacks, "Serenade," their mesmeric Can-meets-Blonde Redhead steez gets flipped into a dubwise pop experiment...The track is also imbued with the elastic bounce of a beach ball and happy vibes that seem divined from much sunnier climes. Thank you Bass God!" - SPIN

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Flea / Bass
Farmer Dave Scher / Lap Steel

Recorded in the the Himalayas with Yeti Beats


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1. ESP
2. Wonder Wonder
3. Serenade
4. 627
5. Bermuda
6. Imaginary World

Recorded at New Monkey Studio

by Friz Michaud

Mixed & Mastered by Dave Cooley

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