The alliance between ERTZUI and CREMA goes back to the European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition in 2010, where we first met. Since then, we've established a relationship that goes beyond the business side of things. We've always supported each other and grew into this wonderful culture of handmade bicycles.

Having a professional racing background, CREMA has come a long way and so have their bikes: Handcrafted in the USA, racing oriented, steel only - with a blend of Italian coffee and hand hand drawn graphic designs.
We've grown through CREMA, and they've grown with us. So it was time for a little revisit and so we took a personal look into a brand that we respect, but more so love for their style and approach.

So thanks to Sandra & Ken Bloomer for having us!

Shot during the annual CROSSTOBERFEST, October 2014.
Special Thanks to ENVE Composites & CHRIS KING Precision Components for their support.