A boardwalk trail for the Green River.

Walking along the Green River is nearly impossible from the Crystal Geyser into town unless you're interested in hiking through marshes and scaling gnarly cliffs. In 2009, we hiked the 5 mile “trail” from the Crystal Geyser (south of town) to the railroad bridge (in town). Since then, we’ve been discussing ways the City or The John Wesley Powell River History Museum could develop the trail into an amenity for the town, with portions having a boardwalk, pavilions strategically placed to capture spectacular views of the river and cliffs, and otherwise clearly marked trails for hiking enthusiasts to make the trek along the rugged edge of the mighty Green River. Inspired by an already existing zip line we discovered, we even imagine the thrill and attraction of having a zip line in operation, to whisk adventurers across the river. We hereby pledge to never stop encouraging the potential of Green River, Utah.

The Riverwalk is our idea for a way for residents and tourists to readily enjoy the river without taking a rafting trip or hiking.

Lead Designer Rand Pinson
Status Conceptual
Estimated cost Unknown
Priority Low