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CORPORATE IDENTITY //////////////////////////////

This is a little corporate identity I created for myself. Since a lot of my artworks have to do with skulls and dark imagery I thought the logo might be a good fit. You can have a closer look at this project on Facebook.

MY BRAIN IS HANGING UPSIDE DOWN //////////////////////////////

The nice people of the Wasted Box Skateshop Cologne gave me the opportunity to display some of my artworks in their shop. Join the Facebook event HERE.

FACEBOOK //////////////////////////////

Since I don't find the time I need to update this website, most of my recent works can be found on Facebook.

ATTICUS //////////////////////////////

I had the chance to design a few tees for Atticus. They asked for some clean vintage looking graphics. Unfortunately I never got any feedback.

ÉCLAT LEFTOVERS //////////////////////////////

Some print ads for Éclat BMX that unfortunately never made it into the magazines.

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REBEL ROCKERS //////////////////////////////

Yeah! I got some samples of the decks I designed for Rebel Rockers Skateboards. All three came out great!

STICKERS //////////////////////////////

My new stickers just arrived! Monday isn't as bad as it's reputation...

LOGO UPDATES //////////////////////////////

I've updated the logo section. Go and check it out ;)

WETHEPEOPLE //////////////////////////////

Recently I've been working fulltime for Wethepeople BMX as an in house graphic designer. During this time I designed the decals for some awesome BMX bikes. You can find more in the Wethepeople section of this page.

VOLCOM //////////////////////////////

Did this just for the fun of it. No commissioned work. I just thought the Volcom logo might fit in there well, but i guess anything else would work.

PIGEONS BAY TEES //////////////////////////////

The guys at Pigeons Bay Boardriding Movement were so nice to send me some samples of the tees I designed for them. They came out really nice! Thanks a lot.

If you want to, you can buy them HERE.

INSTAGRAM //////////////////////////////

From now on you can follow me on Instagram. So if you want to know what I had for breakfast and how my cats look like go and check it out ;)

VOLBEAT //////////////////////////////

Designed for Volbeat. Available through Bravado merchandise

MORE COMING SOON /////////////////////////////