Remedy's Boutique

Remedy is a beauty boutique which provides natural, raw ingredients and workshops to educate women on how to grow and assemble their own therapeutic products (lotions, soaps, oils, scrubs). The whole process of growing and learning how to create one’s products is a healing process in itself. Remedy creates awareness in knowing what ingredients go into one's beauty products.

/ Photographs /

The therapeutic experience one goes through when involved in the process of growing, assembling and using their own products.

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/ Catalogue /

This expresses the mood of the company providing visuals that showcase the products.

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/ Architecture /

Fluid illustrations of the exterior and interior of the ideal boutique.

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/ Branding /

Promoting Remedy's brand through business cards, letterheads, envelopes and stickers. Inside the business card pocket is a packet of seeds, giving them a taste of the company before they even purchase their products.

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