Gif by Peter Marquez

ELLE blurs the line between graffiti and street art, incorporating a lexicon of wheatpastes, tags, stickers, rollers, fire extinguishers, spray painted pieces, murals, sculptures and fine art drawings and paintings. She has put up work on streets in cities across the world, including Berlin, Paris, LA, Chicago, Miami, SF, and New Delhi.

ELLE seeks to understand how, why, and with what we as humans choose to adorn our bodies and what those things represent. Her characters, mostly women, slip in and out of tattooed bodies, fur coats, animal suits, feathers, robes, and costumes. Elle's work explores the human ability to metamorphosize one’s identity and transform appearance. In the same way that the wheatpastes change- disintegrating with the weather, being ripped in half by street cleaners, or being added to by other graffiti artist- so too do we change with the ebb and flow of the city’s energy. Through her art ELLE considers reincarnation, regeneration, and the ability we have to brand and rebrand ourselves to fit into these ever-fluxing ideas of who we are, who we want to be, and what brings us to a place of peace.

Photograph by Peter Marquez.