Secret 7 Submission
Secret 7, successful submission | Gouache and fine liner | Max Richter 'Dream 3' | Inspiration: The subtle roof top, gives the blue space a sense of being a...
Kew Gardens 'Palm House' Silkscreen
Kew Gardens 'Palm House' | Half drop wallpaper | 0.05 pen illustration | 3 colour silkscreen Wallpaper in progress.
Jack Garratt Secret Seven Submission
Jack Garratt 'Worry' | Rejected vinyl cover | Inspiration: 'Pick apart the pieces you left', is vulture like, leaving just the skeleton but 'don't you worry about...
Penguin Random House Submission
Penguin book jacket submission | A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.
Quetzal Bird Wallpaper Design
Quetzal Bird Wallpaper Design | Linocut
Tea Tins
Tea Tin Lids | Linocuts | Apple Orchard, Goji Acai, Herbal Chai.
Choke Book Illustrations
Linocut Illustrations | 'Choke' by Chuck Palaniuck
Symmetrical Pen Illustrations
0.05 Pen illustration | Botanical Flower and Bee 0.05 Pen illustration | Extinction 0.05 Pen illustration | Hummingbird
Wood Engraving
Wood Engravings | Tester blocks
Brain Study
Brain Study | Pen Illustration
Pen Illustration | Colour added on Photoshop
Punishments for Women | Chapbook
Punishments for Women | An Illustrated Chapbook| Linocut
Ghost story Etchings
'The Cockle Digger' | 'A Tale of an Empty House' | 24cm x 16cm | Edition of 25 Email if interested 'Steinfeld Abbey' | 'Treasure of...
Cabinet of Curiosities | Etchings
Geology acid etching | 21cm x 29cm Beetle acid etching | 21cm x 29cm | (reference James Cranfield Taxidermy) Bat and Moth acid etching | 21cm...
Witches Moon
Linocut | 21cm x 17cm | 310 gsm paper | £15 Email if interested
Extinction Wallpaper
Extinction Moho Nobilis | Middlemist Red Camelia | Mascarene Parrot Pen Illustration | Coloured on Photoshop | Digital Print Extinction repeat wallpaper...
Mythological Hybrids
Heads &Tails, Mythological Hybrids | Pen Illustrations | Concertina Artist Book.
Animal Linocuts
Grass Snake Linocut | 30cm x 42 cm | 370 gsm paper Barn Owl Linocut | 28cm x 20cm | 370 gsm paper Honey Bee Linocut | 18cm x 17cm | 370 gsm...
Floral Linocuts
Lily Linocut | 27cm x 23cm | 310 gsm paper | £20 Email if interested Magnolia Linocut | Lambeth Cartridge Paper (370gsm) Two ...
A Death Defying Mystery
Magicians Assistant | Linocut | Fold out artist book
Snake and Lily
Snake & Lily | Pen Illustration | Colour added on Photoshop.