Elisa Medinilla
The first year of Elisa Medinilla's musical career under the spirited and unconventional mentorship of pianist Claude Coppens laid the foundation of her relentless enthusiasm for new music. More years of inspiring teaching ensued, by Daan Vandewalle and Boyan Vodenithcharov in Brussels, with whom she graduated in 2007. Elisa was also coached intensively by new music experts Luk Vaes, Ian Pace and the musicians of the Ictus ensemble. In 2012, she obtained a postgraduate degree in “soloist contemporary music” from the school of Arts in Ghent.
As a student, Elisa was picked up by composer Frank Nuyts. She interpreted his pianosonatas in concert venues in Ghent (the Handelsbeurs, the Bijloke) and in Bruges (Concertgebouw) and recorded his music for the Et'cetera label.

Since 2006 she has been a permanent member of the new music ensemble Nadar. Nadar performs exiting and innovative compositions, often incorporating electronic and audio-visual technologies. With the ensemble, Elisa has played on stages all over the world, and worked intensively with composers Michael Beil, Daan Janssens, Johannes Kreidler, Stefan Prins, Simon Steen-Andersen and Martin Schüttler. These inspiring personalities helped Elisa expand her skills, not only at the piano, but also in marblestudies, balloon playing and the intricate art of the game controller.
Her fascination for audio-visual work in particular led to a close collaboration with Belgian pianist Frederik Croene. Together they are rethinking the piano performance, the repertoire and the pedagogy behind piano playing in unique concert formats. In a biannual piano+ festival at the Bijloke (Ghent) the duo curated and performed in the project 'Voyages au bout du piano', where they presented brand-new piano pieces next to cult classics, in cooperation with a third internationally renowned pianist (Sebastian Berweck 2015, Heloisa Amaral 2017) and scenographer Marieke Berendsen.

Besides Elisa has been playing occasionally in music ensembles such as Spectra Ensemble, Asamisimasa and the Belgian Opera House in Ghent and Brussels. Apart from her performing practice, Elisa teaches piano at the Academy of Music (MAGO Ghent), coaches yearly a group of young, enthousiast musicians during the Nadar Summer Academy and gives workshops on new music for MATRIX (Leuven).