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Visualising the sound of music
Mount Kimbie - Maybes
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Paint & PVA glue on acryllic board
A tribute to instant photography
Collaboration with Bjebjeyiaxin
Fabrillous is contradictory beauty. Of a tainted reputation that nudity holds, notoriously associated to pornography/sleaziness/sex. Juxtaposed against the pre-conceived notion of purity and bare beauty.

Neon Light Installation
150cm x 55cm
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Singapore Edition
Festival guide
Layout & Design
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Watch the Lights
Fujifilm 120 colour slides (Cross processed)
Osaka, Japan
March 2008

3.25" x 4.25" Fujifilm FP-100C, Polaroid 667
Tokyo, Japan
March 2008
Productive time wasting:
unclassified cases of itchy fingers.

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