Daniel Dorobantu is a Romanian multimedia artist, born October 18, 1975 in Timisoara.

His art speaks through dense vision about exploration, experimentation and the search through the sphere of the undefined, of movement in the quantum, as he is clearly driven by a long time interest and research into the nature of the inspiration itself and the meditative and contemplative aspects of the artistic process.
Since his debut in 1995, Daniel has produced 10 studio albums, numerous video artworks, installations, live performances and experiments. As a founding member of the Thy Veils ensemble, Daniel is considered a pioneer of the Romanian ambient scene and one of the most influential contemporary electronic artists of his country.

Daniel's works have been commissioned, supported and promoted by The Romanian Cultural Institute and Ars Electronica Center Linz.

2014 - Daniel Dorobantu - Prin Făr' De Loc În Făr' De Vreme
2013 - Thy Veils - Lumine
2011 - Daniel Dorobantu - Cyclon Summers,
2010 - Thy Veils - Mountain And Cloud
2008 - Daniel Dorobantu & Manuela Marchis - The Piarist Church
2008 - Daniel Dorobantu - Knock on the Sky and Listen to the Sound
2003 - Thy Veils - The Diaphanous Depressions
1999 - Thy Veils - Immemorable
1999 - Thy Veils - Against an Oblivion of the Forgotten Abyss
1998 - Thy Veils - Prologue

Memories of Now - 2010 - audio / visual digital artwork / installation / performance system with Michaela Konrad in Ars Electronica Center, as part of the NextComic Festival in Linz, Austria; starting February 2011, this work is in permanent showcase inside the Deep Space section and part of the museum's collection
Future Perfect - 2009 - generative sound installation; sculpture by Denisa Curte, The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj Napoca
Experiment Sintetic G - 2009 - generative sound installation; paintings and video by Laurian Popa, Teatrul Vechi, Arad
Spacelove - 2008 - generative multichannel sound installation for Michaela Konrad’s “Comic Impact Arts”, Art Museum of Timisoara
Anamorphosis - 2007 - generative surround sound installation for Doru Tulcan’s video installation (2008 - Art Museum of Timisoara)
Oicumena - 2005 - music, photography and video for Denisa Curte’s sculpture exhibition, Triade Gallery, Timisoara

Public performances:
2013 - Thy Veils live in Timișoara
2011 - Daniel Dorobantu & Felix Petrescu live at Simultan Festival, Synagogue of Timisoara
2011 - Memories Of Now Live at Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria
2010 - Thy Veils live in Berlin
2010 - live visuals for Grammy Award winner Damian Draghici, HotRomania Jazz Festival, Austria
2010 - Thy Veils live in The Silver Church, Bucharest
2009 - live electronic experiments series in Timisoara, various locations
2008 - The Piarist Church - Timisoara - surround sound live electronic ambient
2008 - Thy Veils - Dawn and Furtherance DVD - Simultan Festival, Timisoara
2008 - Thy Veils live at Cybermental III festival, Bucharest
2008 - Sinagoga din Cetate - Timisoara - surround sound live electronic ambient

Movie soundtrack:
2011 - music & sound design for La soluzione Migliore (Better This Way), Lezard Films Ltd.

Video works:
Thy Veils - Dawn and Furtherance - DVD - ambient video works

Nominated for the K-Explora 2003-2004 musical innovation prize, Bucharest.

Studies in computer science, automatics and informatics at The Polytechnic University and The Tibiscus University in Timisoara.