Respekt. (Radio Doc)

Analogue Atlanta Searson 2: Respekt.



Marq Spekt stops by the studio to talk about the Atlanta Hip Hop scene, it’s History and about his work as well as his group Broady Champs’ work. Marq remains an anchoring figure in the Atlanta Hip Hop scene and his works are respected, coveted the world over. Why doesn't the average Atlantan know his name? Do you know Marq Spekt? Get to know him during this episode. ...I'll admit that there was an impromptu verse about Asher Roth called "Kunta Roth" that I lost. Deleted that segment then clicked save after I normalized the volume. Whoops. That was a gem. I feel horrible, but...hey. It's still a great conversation. Music featured in this pod from Atlanta Artists: Broady Champs, Marq Spekt, Parental Advisory, Ya’ll So Stupid, Qualm Scott.

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