Fuggin Awesome (Radio Feat.)

Grip Plyaz & Yelawolf at Fuggin Awesome
in 2008 in the above photo.

♫ fugg-bit.mp3


This was the Pilot for Analogue Atlanta. It's what I came up with when I first pitched the series to VIMBY.com when I was working with them. The episode is a peak into an aspect of the Atlanta Hip Hop scene. The party is called Fuggin Awesome and it's one of the few concert series in the Atlanta progressive underground Hip Hop scene that has the energy of a party. I talked to Atlanta artists Supreeme about their Warner Brothers situation, Tuki from Hollyweerd about their projects at the time and BP of the Beat Chefs, who, by chance, have since landed production credits on Raekwon's Only Built for Cuban Links 2 album.

Listen to a preview.