Dominick R. Brady
Dominick is an award winning multimedia journalist based in Atlanta, Ga.
He is also owner of Abenghorn Media Productions or "A.M.P"
You can find him in the "A" or reach him by email: info[at}abenghorn[dot]net

View Dominick's resume here. In it you'll find a history of:

Print reporting, Radio reporting, Field recording, Graphic Design, Radio documentary, Print features, Non-linear Video Editing, Audio editing, Documentary photography & Voice overs.

You've seen, heard or read my work here:
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Georgia Public Broadcasting
Clear Channel, Atlanta
Creative Loafing, Atlanta
East Village Radio
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The Smoking Section
Brooklyn Radio
WCLK 91.9
Youth Media Reporter
WVGS 91.9, Statesboro
Bold as Love
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