This is where you will find ideas, rants, raves and notes related mostly to design as well as any projects I may be working on.
5/20/16 7:00 am
Things have been crazy busy at work with a bunch of Miscellaneous projects. I have had very little time to doodle or watercolor but I did get a cool new 2004 Mini Cooper from a friend.

3/10/16 8:00 am
A friend also asked for some help making some quick advertising pieces for a yard maintenance company, this is the first idea and super bare bones.


3/10/16 7:17 am
Further progress on logo ideas for my friends landscaping company

3/2/16 5:00 am
I've begun working on some logo designs for a friends landscaping business that they recently purchased in Bend Oregon. I like doing gratis work like this because it lets you have as much fun as you like with the idea and and can sometimes rattle lose other ideas for down he road. Many of these start with pieces from other ideas and some clip art until I get a grasp on what works.

3/1/16 -:--
I ordered a very excellent dinosaur mask from Amazon and fortunately I work with some very well dressed people who are willing to humor me when I ask them to wear it for a photo. These will likely later become illustrations as well.

2/25/15 2:10 9m
I have been trying to return to illustration but I was hoping to branch out beyond simple sketches, I'd like to use more markers and mixed media but sometimes it's just too easy to slip back into the familiar arms of a brand new Moleskine especially when I have a half empty one with me at all times.

1/2/16 11:00 am
I opened an storefront in May and really hadn't done much with it until recently when I put up a Downton Abbey poster design that I recreated from Episode 6 of the last season which oddly began selling. I tossed up a few other posters that I like but didn't design just to pull in some revenue and keep me interested as well. Hopefully I can add to the lineup with other in show designs I see, season 4 of House of Cards is starting soon after all.

12/18/15 7:10 am
A friends husband contacted me last week via email to see if I would do an illustration of their children as a surprise for her. I'm hopeful that they like what I've done, they really only had lo-res blurry Facebook photos to reference which made it a challenge to get the detail I was hoping for. I'm hoping to perhaps get another image of them together where I can have a bit more contrast in the shadow to get better details.

12/04/15 7:28 am
So this is weird, I drew this about 12 years ago and sell it as stock online and some dude in Sussex decided he wanted it on his head forever. I'm flattered?

9/01/15 8:45 pm
Illustration that a family member requested I do of a comedian.

8/023/15 7:00 pm
Made a second version of this illustration of my classmate Jeannine for her.

8/023/15 3:00 pm
I'm happy with how this sketch of my niece Abby came out, I knew the moment I took the photos that I'd love to draw it.

8/19/15 10:00 am
Working on some logo ideas for a friend, not sure if it will develop into anything but it's a fun brain exercise

8/01/15 3:00 pm
Shot and filtered my nephew Alex on my iPad then drew from that

7/17/15 8:50 pm
Im trying to learn how to use water colors

7/13/15 8:50 am
Girls with glasses has always been a weakness. Smart funny girls with attitude and glasses are even harder to resist, enter Allie Goertz.

7/8/15 11:30 am
Huzzah! It's complete, now all that remains is to make 9 copies for the crew of the Unicorn for their 30th anniversary.

I have less than 48 hours to finish this so I'm trying to get at least two done today. I finished E.Z.'s portrait which is the largest of the group in the center and was pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Got Roger Done, three remain

Another face down, only 4 more to go.

Progress is being made but I only have a couple weeks left to finish this up.

6/17/15 8:30 pm
Made some more progress last night. As long as I can spend 20 or 30 minutes each night it won't feel like such a large project.

6/17/15 12:30 pm
I'm starting a large project for my father to illustrate his fishing friends (as well as him) for their 30th anniversary trip in July.

6/15/15 8 am
I've wanted to redesign my brother in-law's logo to make it easier to fit into a website redesign I also have planned. Their current logo is #1 and I'm trying to make it a better "badge style" to use on a multitude of branded items.

5/15/15 8:31 am
Some more side-by-sides for my daily draws

3/31/15 7:07 am
I noticed yesterday that my local Bagel / Coffee shop (Sunrise Bagels) was devoid of designed materials despite being apparently connected to a larger bakery in Vancouver so I figured it would be a good brain exercise to come up with a branding campaign for them, maybe even get seem free bagels out of it.

2/23/15 8:23 am
When I complete an initial outline for a sketch I often almost feel like I should duplicate it and explore alternate methods to complete it. I want to play with mediums like pastel, markers and water colors to try and get more feeling that the simple graphite sketches I currently do. Perhaps when I finish the one or two large sketches i'm weaving in between these dailies I'll have the bravery to try out some other methods.

I'm hoping to get back into marker renderings as well so I picked up a some grey from the Blick Art Store nearby to see what I would remember from my illustration classes in college. Results were mixed :-/

Seitz Kids

Shelley & Virgil
I finished both the commissions that I was doing for some friends and feel decent about the outcome. They were much larger 11"x14" images compared to the 4"x6" dailies I am doing but I still felt like I was able to complete them faster than I would have just a few years ago.

So far this might be my favorite drawing of 2015 just because it came out in less than a minute and makes me happy whenever I look at him. I'm a manatee fan.

This is a friends boyfriend and I felt it's one of the more accurate daily drawings I've completed in 2015. It's also when I began realizing dropping an "eye line" can help with initial alignment of the facial features.

This represents one of the first commissions I've completed. I'm still not comfortable or confident enough to charge $$ for illustrations so I worked in trade but perhaps eventually when I add in some ink and color I'll feel that what I enjoy so much is worthy of trade for currency.

I made a grid of what I drew in 2012 and looking through them encourages me for 2015 since I already see areas of improvement. I'm trying to learn how to draw better and faster at the same time and using a 4x6 book instead of the 6x8 helps restrict the size of what I want to draw since i have difficulty scaling down.

Rough Outline of Cole

Illustrations process Cole & Camille Seitz

Our friend Colleen liked the sketch I did of her daughter in the kitty rain coat and asked I do one of her son Cole and daughter a bit larger so she could frame them. I'm not too good at adjusting scale and unfortunately I tend to fill the paper I use. I had my 11x14 book handy so the drawing will go from a rather tiny 4"x6" up to about 10"x10". I don't think she'll mind but I also get a bit nervous when asked to do an illustration since people will tend to be a bit more judgmental about projects of their loved ones. I appreciated critique but I also enjoy drawing enough to where I have not learned to deal with negative feedback all that well.

I makes me feel better to redraw a friend of mine when I don't feel I get it right the first time. Maybe it's a bit of OCD but if I feel that it's "acceptable" then I can set it aside and move on.

Did this of a friends daughter and she's asking me to do a larger one of her as well as one of her son. That's the only issue with drawing people children is suddenly they have all these extra kids popping up that need to be captured as well ;-).

I did the illustration on the left of my father in 2012 and just did the one on the right of my mom without realizing just how similar their expressions ended up being.

I did a couple sketches of my Nephews Jake & Alex. I'd like to go back and redo these same portraits using some of the watercolor markers I picked up recently but have yet to play with.

I've started a 5 portrait illustration of the cartoonists and editor who were murdered in Paris on 1/7/2015 {link}

Bernard Verlhac

George Wolinski

Another illustration of our friend Lindsey Hamann that I'm hoping to finish up soon, I did the exact same illustration for her but never took a snap of it and Carly wanted a copy. I made a smaller one in 2012 in that sketchbook.