These are some of the design jobs I believe best represent my wide array of capabilities. Additional examples may also be found within the "Additional Design" section.

Shilo Inns Website
Redesigning the Shilo Inns website was by far one of the largest and most complex projects I have had to under take and I was fortunate to have a talented developer (Mike Miller) and project manager (Chris Akans) to see it through from rendering to completion. A year prior I had been tasked with developing a "mobile" version of our companies site but during that process I began exploring the concept of "responsive" design & "mobile first" which had only just begun to become popular and I set about creating detailed renderings of how this would impact the 60+ pages of our companies website. Design and development was allotted 7 weeks, a rather tight deadline considering the amount of work to be undertaken by a team of 3 with the launch taking place in the last week of March.

Logo Designs
Various logo designs for a variety of companies and projects.

Logo Designs
Various logo designs for a variety of companies and projects.

Logo Designs
Various logo designs for a variety of companies and projects.

William Weirick Political Campaign
Variety of materials I designed for the 2014 William Weirick City Council campaign in Ojai California. I was tasked with developing a logo and "theme" with a very tight deadline and budget. A multitude of printed materials were produced and Mr. Weirick went on to win the election to office. Photography by Linette Shorr

eBay Logo Design for commercial spot
This was a same day design job for a logo passed to me as freelance. eBay is producing commercial spots for a series of fictitious sellers and companies to promote it's services both in video and print. I was commissioned to produce a logo for one of these "sellers" (Mari's Customs) to be used on various materials within the campaign.

The Boardwalk Restaurant
Various materials I designed for The Boardwalk Restaurant & Lounge located in Seaside Oregon. As a hotel chain that also owns and manages restaurants it was a challenge to establish branding for a restaurant that exists within a property like the Seaside Shilo Inn. Budgetary constraints were a constant challenge but I was proud of what I was able to accomplish. I developed both the branding of the restaurant "The Boardwalk" and the logo, color theme & website used throughout the advertising materials.

Linette Shorr Designs
This is a Word Press based website I developed with a client who is a Set decorator for Movie & Television productions. We have worked together on many collaborative projects in the past and she wanted an easy interface to be able to add and manage content on her own.

Magazine Advertisement
This was a magazine ad I produced for the Shilo Hotel corporation located in Portland Oregon that was run nationally.

Airport Shuttle Wrap Design
This was the selected design to be used for the airport shuttle transport vehicle wrap for the Killeen, Texas Hotel / Restaurant location. Previously the vehicle was covered in simple vinyl decals that had become brittle and damaged in the harsh sun of the southern desert.

Research Design & Deployment of Smart Display within Hotels
This was a large project in scale since I needed to research between at least a dozen companies offering similar "smart display" software & hardware solutions at varying monthly and annual costs. The immediate needs were identified as enabling display of local airport flight information for arrivals & departures to hotel guests but beyond that there was also discussion about meeting room information, area attraction details and advertising as well as displaying traffic, weather & hotel review data. After about 5 weeks of research, review & cost analysis the company SkyKit was selected as the most flexible option with best balance of cost and feature set. Initial installation onsite took place in early 2017 with a two month trial period to determine how the system would fit in with other marketing efforts. Flight time data was supplied by ScreenFeed as a third party module.
Demo Video of Installation (5:45 runtime)

Photographic Image Restorations
Many times in my career I have been tasked with restoration of heavily damaged images. These are some examples of those restorations. Many would be cherished family photos with no backup or the only surviving images of members that were long deceased. Often times the images were water & heat damaged and stuck to fractured glass from a destroyed frame requiring a combination of flatbed scanning and digital photography.

Inroom Directory Booklets
This was a project to produce hotel directory booklets "in-house" using our Minolta Digital press. Previously the directories were black & white printed pages held in "pleather binders" that were a challenge to keep up to date and in presentable shape. Switching to producing these in-house as saddle stitched booklets cut the production cost down to 90 cents apiece and allowed us to encourage guests to take them offsite after checking out turning them into keepsake advertising pieces. I developed a logo family to also customize each locations book and these were typically about 16-18 pages in total.

Responsively Designed Restaurant Website Template
Managing the design of websites for the Shilo Management corporation required a two fold strategy. After successfully launching a redesign of the Shilo Hotel site I set about using the knowledge gained from that process to design a responsive template to be used for branding of the 9 managed restaurant locations. I knew we would also soon be adding the OpenTable reservations system so the template was structured in a modular fashion to allow for elements to be easily added or subtracted as required. Sections of the template were also tied into our backend custom CMS so that details within the "footer" such as contact information and hours of operation could be managed from a web interface as well as the ability to add custom "Hero" images with overlays to advertise upcoming specials and events occurring within the respective locations.

Shilo Inns Seaside Oregon Billboards
These are a pair of billboards I designed advertising the Shilo Inns Hotel location in Seaside Oregon located on highway 101 both entering and exiting the city. Traditionally the billboards for Shilo Inns had been simple Red, White & Blue text with bullet points but I began presenting to the ownership redesigned versions that relied more heavily on photographs to help sell the location with minimal text. These received very positive reactions from travelers and the imagery & designs were used within other onsite printed materials such as rack cards, postcards & in-room directories.

Shilo Inns Email Newsletters
Examples of email newsletters I designed for advertising properties of Shilo Inns Suites Hotels & Restaurants. Generally on a weekly basis I would be tasked with production of email newsletters advertising both the hotel chain as well as the 9 managed restaurants. We utilized the MailChimp newsletter service and these newsletters were often times accompanied by supporting onsite printed materials and social media posts.

Shilo Inns Social Media Posts
On a weekly basis I would design graphic postings to be scheduled for distribution on the companies Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts. Many times these would promote written reviews from guests on various travel sites but also discount rates, codes & specials in support of email newsletter & print campaigns.

Robson communities magazine advertisements
While employed by Robson Publishing I produced a series of ads for their leisure based retirement communities to run in some higher end investment publications.

Travel Brochures
These are a series of travel flyers produced in-house for the sales agents across various states to advertise packages available at many of the hotel locations.

Pencil Illustrations
The following are some selected favorites from my many sketch books, these may also be seen within the "Daily Draw" sections of this site.