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Need help customizing your Cargo website? Below is a list of web designers from the Cargo community who you can hire to help design and develop your site. We’re looking forward to seeing the results.
Jason Voorhees 
Exhibited in Sheffield as part of the annual Celluloid Screams event. £10 each Buy on Etsy
Micheal Myers 
Exhibited in Sheffield as part of the annual Celluloid Screams event. £10 each Buy on Etsy
Buy on Etsy
Exhibited in Sheffield as part of the annual Celluloid Screams event. £10 each Buy on Etsy
Cargo Design, Customization, Custom Templates and tweaks 
sothisispermanence. is a studio of developers and designers ready to design and customize your Cargo template,make small adjustments or we can build you a full...
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Cargo Design, Development and Customization 
We are a multidisciplinary design studio of creation based in the US and UK. Our team is composed of designers, coders and dreamers working together on projects...
Cargo Design and Customization 
We are an Australia and California based collective of multi-skilled creative team of developers and designers capable of a full customization of your Cargo...
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Cargo Design and Build 
We Are Studio North a design and developer studio based in Los Angeles. We are designers, developers, filmmakers, photographers, writers, and thinkers. We...
Cargo design and development 
I am a freelance designer with an extreme interest in helping creative individuals, companies, and fellowships utilize the Cargo platform. Currently available...
Less & More Collective - Web Design & Development 
Less and More Collective = Leali Heyman + Matan Levkowich We are a couple. we create, destroy and recreate together. We take pleasure in forming your dreams...
Web Designer & Front-End Developer 
Hi, I'm a web designer / front-end developer living in Brooklyn. I am currently available for occasional projects(depending on complexity and time). Feel free...
Web Design + Development 
Hello! My name is Vadim Makoyed. I'm an award-winning designer with BFA in Communication Design from PNCA and over 9 years of experience in website...
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Cargo Design & Customizations 
Hello. We’re The Beauty Shop, a boutique creative studio in Portland, Oregon specializing in brand identity and Cargo customizations with a clean, minimalist...
Design & Cargo Tweaks 
Hiya My name is Juliana, I'm a freelance graphic designer based in UK. I guess you are looking for a cool and unique design for your site? Or perhaps you are...
Complete Cargo Service 
Hi, my name is Mark Matcham and I specialise in designing and building Cargo Collective websites. Here are some links to websites I have designed and...
Cargo Custom 
Hi. I'm George and I love Cargo Collective. Me and my team are here to help you customise your Cargo web site. Get in touch with us via email:...
Marcus Kelman 
I am a graphic designer from Scotland, you can find my most recent work here. If you have any questions or like to get in touch, feel free to email...