Pepperdine University, January 7, 1988
In February of 1988, Pepperdine University’s alumni newspaper, The Pepperdine Voice, featured a photo spread titled “A Day in the Life of Pepperdine University.” The introductory text read:

“On Thursday, Jan. 7, 1988, seven photographers were deployed to scour all areas of campus to capture the daily activities of Pepperdine on film…What sort of day was Jan. 7? It was an ordinary day in Pepperdine life, and that is why it was chosen—to show the miracle of the mundane—students, faculty and staff at work, at play, in solitude and in action.”

Enjoy this look at Pepperdine University in the 1980s, now 25 years later. Special thanks to Ron Hall and other photographers involved with this original project. For more information and images, see Pepperdine Digital Collections.

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