The artistic mission – What is the role of an artist in a for-profit economy? facilitated by Diego Agulló, at AGORA COLLECTIVE
An investigation on the role of art in the current economy, applying conceptual tools and artistic practices to explore the possibility for new value systems to appear, thus expanding the notion of professionalism within the creative industries and the arts. A diagnosis of the city’s current artistic and entrepreneurial environment

Coming workshop at SMASH Berlin: The journey of theory. Dancing the problem

During these 3 weeks we will focus on understanding which problems we are dancing to and what are the fundamental problematics that our artistic practices are built upon. This attempt will lead us to reflect together on the relation between theory and practice, philosophy and art, and the role of conceptualization in dance and choreography. How to practice theory? In which way is art a form of theory?

Defining theory as the journey abroad and returning

Our starting point will be to stop understanding theory only as a production of discourse and rather to consider it as an oscillatory movement or, in other words, a journey of traveling abroad and returning. We will translate this journey into the framework of our practices and research in order to trace a trajectory, step by step, distinguishing its different moments and identifying what are the risks that we undertake with our work, what is the level of exposure to danger that we tolerate and to which extent do we allow ourselves to experience uncertainty and ultimately how much are we able to translate this journey into an intelligible form to be shared within the community. This understanding of theory will help to confront the following topics: how to set up the conditions for collaboration between dance and philosophy? What is the need of conceptualizing any choreographic practice? Why is it important for an artist to be able to formulate via concepts what he/she is doing? Why should an artist be busy conceptualizing his/her work?

The Dance, the Devil, the Problem and Ballistics.
What do ballistics, problems, the devil and dance have in common? What is the secret affinity between these four concepts? There is common denominator between having a problem, bumping into the devil, accepting a dance invitation and being hit by a bullet. Etymologically speaking, they all share the same root, from Greek, ballein, which means, “to throw so as to hit“. Something has been thrown, something falls in the middle, something appears unexpectedly in front of you, all of a sudden something hits you, and unexpectedly you are invited to dance. But what or who throws? What is thrown? What does its trajectory look like? What does it encounter? What is hit? How does being hit affect it? Can violence trigger movement?
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THE ART OF MISCHIEF, University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. March 2014.