Diego Agulló was born in Madrid in 1980 and he presses orange juice every morning.

Between 1998 and 2004, he studied philosophy at the University Autónoma de Madrid focusing his research on the interaction between art and philosophy. During that time he engaged in the practice of music improvisation, sculpture and painting. He is a co-founder of En Busca del Pasto, a project for musical improvisation.

In 2005 he moved to Berlin where he started working as a freelance video artist and performer. Two years later he had a fortuitous and inevitable encounter with choreography that lasts until today having developed an interdisciplinary body of work that passes through different forms such as dance, performance art, participatory events, lectures, texts, films, photography, and workshops.

Diego´s current research deals with the intersection between pedagogy and art, creating contexts for learning and practicing theory across art and philosophy. He is one of the facilitators of AFFECT Residency Program at Agora Collective and he teaches at SMASH Intensive training in experimental physical performance in Berlin.

Since 2007, Diego has organized CUE, a performance event and long term project based on the paradoxical question of how to organize the unexpected? CUE has been ocurred in approximately 100 editions in different cities across Europe.

Currently, Diego is working on an essay on dilettantism called The Mischievous Mission in order to problematize the notion of professionalism in arts. The first chapter of this text has been recently released as a limited edition hand book called: Dangerous Dances.

It is now or never. Day by day.


- March 5-6: PIIGS at Maxim Gorki Theater (Studio R) project inititated by Daniel Kok in collaboration with Jorge Gonçalves, Sheena McGrandles, Luigi Coppola, Elpida Orfanidou, Diego Agulló.
- March 1st: Screening of The Circles of the Dragon at 3AM Festival at Flutgraben, Berlin.
- Feb 23rd: Let's talk about work (and life), at Tanzfabrik/ uferstudios, Berlin.
- Jan 24th: Lecture on DIlettantism at Schau der Gestaltung, Berlin.

- Nov 20th - 14th Dec: PIIGS at working space Brussels Festival, project inititated by Daniel Kok in collaboration with Jorge Gonçalves, Sheena McGrandles, Luigi Coppola, Elpida Orfanidou, Diego Agulló
- Nov: mentoring at SODA Masters Program, Andre Uerba "Terrarium"
- Oct-Dec: facilitator at AFFECT residency at Agora Collective Berlin.
- Nov 8-9: Performing at Lost Codes, by Ibrahim Quraishi at Galery Crone Berlin.
- Oct 28: Festival of Future nows, Geschlossene Gesellschaft a collaboration with Tomás Espinosa at Neue National Galery Berlin.
- October: CAMPO, Coreografiar la disidencia? Residency at Teatro Pradillo, Madrid.
- October 10th: How to collaborate? at International Research Center, Interweaving Performance Cultures Berlin.
- Sep 4-6 : Degrowth Conference Leipzig: The Waiting Room
- August 28 : TanzNacht Berlin: screening of Those three little words
- 24-26 August: Darks in Blues, a choreography with Kadri Noormets, premiere at 15th International Performing Art Festival Tallinn.
- July 20 - 02 August: Facilitator at AFFECT Residency, Agora Collective, Berlin.
- July / August: Lectures/Theory Sessions at SMASH Intensive Berlin.
- 10 July: Lecture on Dangerous Dances at NOTAFE Festival, Estonia.
- 14 June: Lecture on Dangerous Dances at Qué puede un cuerpo? , La Casa Encendida Madrid.
- 2-13 June: residency at Work Space Brussels with PIIGS, a project by Daniel Kok, Jorge Gonzalves, Sheena McGrandles, Elpida Orfanidu, Luigi Coppola.
- 26 April: Desconferencia at Goethe Institute Sao Paolo, Brazil.
- 10th-12th April 2014: How To Tell Someone Not to Bring an Uninvited Guest to a Masquerade Ball? Video Installation at Hebbel am Ufer Theater, part of the festival We like China and China likes us.
- 10-13 March: Workshop at the University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. The Art of Mischief
- 1 March - 15 March: Facilitator at Agora Affect Residency.
- 27 February: opening of the photo and video exhibition TanzStadt Hamburg at Tanzplattform Deutschland, Kampnagel Hamburg.
- 11-24: February PIIGS Residency at PACT Zollverein


- 7-8 Dec: Wild Life, 30 hours performance installation by Ibrahim Quraishi at Mousonturm, Frankfurt.
- 18 Nov: Lecture at Ufer Studios Berlin: Choreographing Life Trajectory.
- 2 Nov: Lecture at Vapaan taiteen tila, Free Art Space, Helsinki.
- 25th Oct: Microresidency at Candyland Gallery, Stockholm.
- 1 Nov: Teaching Crossing Boundaries at SMASH Intensive Program.
- 19th Oct: If you need a CUE: at Tatwerk Berlin:
- 1 Oct: Lecture on Learning as a oscillatory movement, at Parallel School, Berlin.
30 Sep-18 Oct: Teaching Crossing Boundaries at SMASH Intensive Program.
- 29 Sep: Hier gibt's harte Kost, a collaboration with Ibrahim Quraishi at HAU Theater Berlin
- 1 /8 Sep: Workshop at Skögen Theater, Sweden.
- 26 Aug / 1 Sep: The Humping Pact at Skögen Theater in Gothenburg, Sweden.
- 24 August: Workshop at Ponderosa, Berlin.
- 13rd July: The Last Myself, installation with Juan Perno
- 22nd June: The Waiting Room at Agora Collective:
- 8 and 9 May: The Humping Pact: Frankfurt Mission at Mousonturm.
- 15th June in Berlin: ART PORN WEEK: The Humping Pact. Screening
- 23 April: Don Quijote de la Mancha Installation at Cervantes Institute Berlin
- 15 April: Screeening of video dance works at Movimiento en movimiento, Museo del Chopo, Mexico.
- 8 and 9 March: The Humping Pact: Vienna mission, Imagetanz Festival at BRUT Theater Vienna
- 1st March 2013: IF YOU NEED A CUE: at Ufer Studios Studio 11, at 9pm.

- 10 Dec: Mentoring at Marcio Carvalho Impossible Chronologies HZT MA Choreography
- -6-10 Dec: Premiere at HAU 3 of 149.597.871 km the new piece of Diego Agulló and Lea Martini
- October 9 – 10: ‘My Private Himalaya’, Frascati Theater Amsterdam.
- 1 October: The Humping Pact, Brussels mission at Beursschouburg Theater.
- 25: The Waiting Room at Tanznacht Uferstudios,
- 17,18 August: Final Event of Constructing Resilience by Ehud Darash, , Sophiensaele, Tanz im August Berlin.
- IF YOU NEED A CUE: 6th July at Ufer Studios.
- 17 June: The Waiting Room at Flutgraben.
- 7 June: Wien Kurzfilmfestival
- 28 May - 3 June: Stamsund Festival, Ready Steady by Daniel Almgren Recen.
- 8-12 May: Workshop On Discord, with Dmitry Paranyushkin at Agora Collective.
- April 21 – 28: ‘Wild Life Take Away Station’, Springdance Utrecht
- April 24 – 25: Premiere of ‘My Private Himalaya’, Springdance Utrecht
- 28 April – 30 April 2012 /// 58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Oberhausen, Germany. Official selection.
- 8-18 March: Breathless at LOWTECH vs. HIGHTECH Creteil Contemporary Art Museum.
- 10 March: International Performance Festival Second, GlogauAIR, Berlin.
- 24 February – 6 May 2012 / The Humping Pact project. The Spring Exhibition 2012, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.
- 18 Feb: Screening of The Circles of the Dragon, Basement, Agora Collective, Berlin.
- 27-28 Jan: I AM A FAN, Frascati WG, Amsterdam.

- 21 Dec: I am a fan, with Lea Martini, Living room Festival, Berlin.
- 5-9 Nov: European Film Festival for Documentaries dokumentART
- Nov: 8th Busan International Video Festival‏
- 21st October: CUE Istanbul at iDANS Festival: link
Oct 1-7: dramaturgical advice at Groupies, HAU 3, Berlin.
Oct 1: Talk at BetaHaus, Beta People Festival, Berlin.
- 22-24 Sep: Dezett by Sebastian Mathias and John Cage´s music, K2 Kampnagel, Hamburg.
- 10 Sep: Dezett Videoinstallation at Kampnagel, Hamburg.
- 9 Sep: Guest for Shibahama, FAIFAI Collective, HAU 3, Berlin.
- 8 Sep: screening of Geistern and Circles of Dragon, Service station, Tel Aviv.
19 August – 11 September 2011 /// The Humping Pact installation (4 screens) at the “Love for the Real Thing” exhibition curated by Anna Czaban at Arsenal gallery, Poznan, Poland.
- 14th July: If you need a CUE at Mica Moca, Berlin.
- 4 July: I am a Fan in NEUER TANZ at Marstall Schlöss Benrath, Düsseldorf.
- 2 July: Berlin del Mar Sophiensaele after Party, TamTamTam, Berlin.
- 23th June: Screening of video works at Prague Quadrennial
- 4th June: If you need a CUE: at Mica Moca
- 31 May: I am a fan: Creature Feature @ Basso
- 21,21 May: Martini&Agulló, workshop about Fanaticism in Bassano del Grappa.
- 13th-31 May: Residency at CSC (Centro per la Scena Contemporanea) Bassano del Grappa
(Italy) with Lea Martini.
- 8th-10th April: Different types of silence at F40 Theater, Berlin
- 2nd-8th April: Spring meeting at PAF (Performing Arts Forum
- 1st April: If you need a CUE at Flutgraben e.V. (Kunstfabrik)
- 29 March: Humping PACT at Creature Feature, Basso, Berlin.
- 26,27 March: Ammo-Nite Gig Vol. 33, with Yuko Kaseki, DOCK 11.
- 19,20 March: Different types of silence at ADA Studio, Berlin.
- 18 March: Asymptotic Fugues at For the time being, Kunsfabrik, Berlin.
- March: dramaturgical advise to Agata Siniarska, SNDO Amsterdam.
- 10th Feb to 8th March: Residency at PACT Zollverein (Essen) with Dimitry Paranyushkin developing The Humping Pact Project, Asymptotic Fugues and I would never... shown at Atelier in PACT.

Diego Agulló works or has worked with Dmitry Paranyushkin, Agata Siniarska, Igor Dobricic, Paz Rojo, Peter Stamer, Kadri Noormets, Agora Collective, Clement Layes, Juan Perno, Jorge Ruiz Abánades, Louise Trueheart, Lea Martini, Begüm Erciyas, Ibrahim Quraishi, Gabriel Smeets, Ria Higler, Daniel Kok, Robert Steijn, Marcio Carvalho, Ehud Darash, Felix Ott, Sebastian Matthias, Peter Stamer, d.d. slash, Yuko Kaseki, Kazue Ikeda, FaiFai Tokio Collective, Violetta Perra, Aitana Cordero, Gui Garrido, Daniel Almgren-Recen, Anja Müller, Denis Detter, Andre Wunstorf, Todd Ford, Daniel Lehmann, En Busca del Pasto, ephia, Jeff Gburek, Olaf Brühl, Alessio Trevisani and María Zabala Viejobueno.

The work has been presented at:

57. Panorama der Berlinale Filmfestspiele 2007,
58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, MONA Detroit´s Contemporary Museum,
Copenhagen Kunsthalle Spring Exhibition Charlottenborg,
Pact Zollverein Essen,
Tanzplattform Deutschland 2014 at Kampnagel.
Brut Vienna,
Prague Quadrennial,
Springdance Festival Utrech
Dance Theater Workshop New York,
Frascati Theater Amsterdam,
HAU Berlin,
Skogen, Gothenburg.
Asahi Art Square Tokio,
Cinedans Amsterdam,
Mousonturm Frankfurt,
iDans Istanbul,
Kampnagel Theater Hamburg,
Xtend2010 Digital Media Center Oxford,
Athens Video Art,
Kanuti Gildi Saal Tallin
Casa Encendida Madrid ,
Arsenal Gallery Poznan,
Dock 11 Berlin,
Musée des Abbatoirs Toulouse.