Oh Okinawa!
Despite the fact that Okinawan Japanese people make up 1% of Japan's population, one in six of all Japanese immigrants are from Okinawa. Okinawa, an island with a complicated history with America's military, is rich with cultural and political stories.

A Safer Ride Home

Okinawa has a popular taxi service that can serve as a model for cities like Los Angeles. It is a cheap and affordable taxi service for drunk people and their cars. I got into the back seat with intoxicated business men, hung out at dive bars, and talked to a variety of users and drivers to bring you this story.

Family Work

This piece takes place in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is about a new generation of Okinawan immigrants bold enough to test the culinary pallets of Japanese food lovers. They serve traditional Okinawa cuisine, such as pig feet's soup and bitter melon stir-fry. My story is about the daughter of the mom-and-pop Okinawan restaurant and how she navigates her bi-cultural identity.

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