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May 8 2014
New Mobile Display Options

We've added a few new Display Options to Cargo’s Mobile viewer: there are now custom settings for your Header Image, Header Text, and Start Page. Access these via your Admin > Display Options > Mobile.

Additionally, the Mobile Viewer is now part of the Developer Tools, allowing full control over how your content is displayed on mobile devices when this option is active. Find the files in the Mobile directory of your Design.
Mar 31 2014
New CSS Inspector

We've released a much improved CSS Inspector that consolidates two pieces of existing functionality: the Inspector and the CSS Editor.

Ways to access:
• Keyboard shortcut: shift-c
• Bookmarklet: CSS Inspector
(drag link to Bookmarks bar)

Click any element on your site to edit its properties; click the line numbers to access your full stylesheet. Double-click links in your site to navigate.
Mar 3 2014
Developer Tools — Public Beta

The Developer Tools are now in Public Beta.

✓ Access your site’s full HTML, CSS and JavaScript
✓ Connect with SFTP and use your favorite code editor
✓ Make your own Designs and share them with others
✓ Free for all Cargo Members

More information and Documentation
Feb 12 2014
New design: Callisto

Callisto uses a liquid thumbnail layout that always fills the width of the browser window.

Inside the project content, images and video are separated from text, which is always displayed on the right side. Project media also adjusts its width: if an image or video is larger than the available width, it is scaled down. Below the project contents sits a strip of thumbnails linking to other projects, as well as a link to go back to the project Index.

This Design uses a variety of layout adjustments to accommodate smaller screen sizes on phones and tablets.
Dec 19 2013
Update to Image Selections

Image Selections enable you to save images of your choice from any Cargo website for future reference. We’ve now added a public feed of all image selections to the homepage.

We’ve also added a way to see which of your images have been selected by others: go to your site /selections and click on the “Selected from” link.

To Select an image, click & drag it, then drop it in the Selections panel that appears on the right-side of the page. The work’s author will be notified of your selection (unless he/she opts to turn that notification off via Settings > Account Details).
Dec 5 2013
Developer Tools — Private Beta

We’ve released a Private Beta of the Cargo Developer Tools, providing full access to the HTML, CSS and JavaScript of our Developer Designs.

More information and Documentation.
To participate, request access via email.

Oct 29 2013
New design: Vega

Vega is a “feed-style” design which features two endlessly scrollable columns. The left contains project thumbnails, while the right displays full projects. Thumbnails scroll to keep pace while scrolling the project column. Clicking a thumbnail jumps directly to that project within the feed.
Oct 29 2013
Support for Sets in select Designs

We've released a few new designs that Support Sets. Sets are like “folders,” used to organize your Project List, and in these new designs the navigation can reflect this organization on the front-end of your site as well.

Designs that support Sets: Polaris, Cassiopeia, Sirius, Europa
Each design uses Sets in a different way, visit your Display Options > Using Sets to try it out.
Oct 29 2013
New design: Europa

Europa is a companion Design to Sirius. It uses mostly the same architecture, the main difference being that Projects in Europa scroll ‘normally,’ as opposed to Sirius, where Project media are separated into ‘slides.’

The index page centers the thumbnails, which are by default set to a flexible width and height (*,* in your Display Options). If the number of project thumbnails exceeds the Pagination display option, it automatically loads more as you scroll down the page.

This design supports Sets. If you use Sets to organize your Project List, Europa can reflect this organization on the front-end: Display Options > Using Sets.
Oct 29 2013
New design: Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia uses a liquid thumbnail layout that always fills the width of the browser window. This can be changed to a fixed-width layout in your Display Options.

Images inside projects also adjust their width: if an image is larger than the available width inside the browser, it is scaled down, while never scaling larger than its original size. There is also a display option to scale images vertically, so they fit within the available browser height.

This design supports Sets. If you use Sets to organize your Project List, Cassiopeia can reflect this organization on the front-end: Display Options > Using Sets.
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