Hello there! My name is Devin, and I love stories. I love hearing them, creating them, and sharing them. There are all kinds of stories. Stories that teach us lessons, ask us questions, and create entirely new worlds for us to visit. Good stories draw us in close, and with only a few words, images, colors, or sounds, completely grab hold of our hearts and imaginations. Whatever their specific destination, these stories push and pull us into any space the storyteller desires.

I have gathered here some of the stories I have told. Some are told with words, others with shape and color, many with a combination of the two. It is my goal, as an artist, to tell the best stories that I can. It is my mission, as a designer, to help others do the same. To create worlds that are at once beyond belief and yet completely convincing. To draw precise emotions from an audience exactly how and when they should be. To share with the world the things that get hearts racing, blood pumping, and minds dreaming. That is passion, and that is a story worth sharing.

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Please feel welcome to get ahold of me to chat or ask me questions. Let's have an adventure together!