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thab. is a designed template that utilizes unwanted wire hangers from North America to assist in improving the portable dung stove used by Tibetan nomads.

1.6 million people die from indoor pollution (three stones fire) every year and that equals to death every 20 seconds

3.5 billion wire hangers end up in U.S. landfill every year and that equals to 60,000 cars

5.6 million stoves can be made from 3.5 billion unwanted wire hangers every year.

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thab. is designed for Tibetan Nomads who live and cook inside tents. For cooking, they usually use the three stone cooking method however that causes health issues. They use yak dung as their cooking fuels.

They often boil water or soup therefore thab. must be strong, durable, efficient, safe and inexpensive.

Tibetan Nomads travel from one place to another every few months therefore thab. is designed to be disassembled so it can be portable.

Due to it's cylindrical form and cross- struts design, thab. can provide strength and support.

The L shaped combustion chamber is key element to reduce heat lost, smoke that is produced during cooking.

thab. can reduce the amount of smoke produced from burning fuel, reduce cooking time, reuse waste, inexpensive and provides local jobs

This video shows the making and performance of thab..

thab. has received awards from Association of Canadian Industrial Designers and British Columbia Industrial Design Association.

thab. was exhibited at 2011 Graduation Exhibition in Emily Carr University of Art + Design and Artsy Dartsy’s Future Masters vol.2 Exhibit 2011 at the IDSWest in Vancouver Convention Centre. And thab. will be exhibited in National Student Industrial Design Show in 2012.

Designed in 2011

Collaborated with emily carr university of art + design

Photos were taken by Cemrenaz Uyguner