Wild Mouse
• Nominated for the Toronto Book Award

Wild Mouse is a collaboration with the poet Chris Chambers. It includes three short stories by McCormack, a suite of five poems by Chambers, and scores of vintage photographs from the Canadian National Exhibition Archives.

Wild Mouse was published in Canada by Pedlar Press; purchase it here. The book's cover and design are by Zab.

Wild Mouse by Derek McCormack and Chris Chambers includes sumptuous vintage black and white photos of the Canadian National Exhibition—a tacky but much loved carnival set up at the end of each summer in Toronto. Derek McCormack's series of stories adopts an insider's vernacular and offers street-wise, behind-the-scenes retrospectives featuring encounters with other carny-hustlers secretly rigging and working their huckster games and rides. Conversely, Chris Chambers looks back from an outsider's perspective. His suite of poems begins with a portrayal of a child visitor to the CNE, and moves to a day, much later, where he finds himself a young man, still surrounded by candy-floss and candy apples. The nostalgia of Labour Day and milling holiday crowds is tempered with an awareness of passing summer and youth.
– Carole Turner, Canadian Literature