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'The Krazy Kat Projekt' - Trailer >

Assistant Animation Director and Head Animator

Here is the trailer for another new show that will be premiering on 22nd October in Dresden, Germany. Myself and fellow animation director Paul Barritt have created a series of 13 stop-motion animations which will be accompanied by a live score from the outstanding 'Ensemble MusikFabrik'. Music composed by the exceptionally talented David Lang and Oscar Bettison.

'1927 - Golem' - Trailer >

Stop-motion animator and AE compositor

Trailer for the third show from '1927' which will be premiering in Salzburg, Austria 22 - 26 August 2014. The show is an amalgamation of live performance and music set to an animated backdrop of inner city dwelling. Must be seen to be believed. Currently showing at the 'Young Vic Theatre' and then onto Paris. Future dates can be found at 1927

‘You won’t find a more dazzlingly synchronized interaction between live performance and a crazily satiric world than in Golem’ - The Independent

’A bleak, delightful, antique, topical treat in every way’ - Financial Times

‘A cracked, exaggerated, funhouse mirror reflection of our world that you could stare into for days’ - Time Out

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Director. Designer. Editor. Animator

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