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The rad team at Troika had me in to animate and design elements for the rebrand of French network, Canal.


:08 - :12 -- D8 Cinema Series
Animation & compositing

:13 - :15 -- D8 Slot ID Series
Design, animation & compositing

:19 - :24 -- D8 News Open
Client: AEGDM
Directed by: STRIKE (Eric Del Greco + Han Lee)
Design & Animation by: STRIKE
Music by: BEM, Mono Scale Studios
VO Artist: Nick Gismondi

NFL Network teamed me with creative director Carlos Aguero to rock some design / animation / compositing and do some VFX supervision for the live-action shoot for the 2011 Freakonomics show packaging.

A dear friend came to me with a rebrand project for his production company. He requested the usual identity suspects: logo, stationery, main title animation. We produced all of the branding material for his new company, KODA Entertainment. We're most fond of the main title animation below.

Logo design: Han Lee
Animation: Eric Del Greco