Drew Dayberry

I currently live in Richmond, Virginia. I'm am part of the creative team at Poler Camping Stuff where I am in charge of the art direction of the brand and work to grow the brand and develop products for both domestic and international consumers.

Before Poler I was an Art Director at Wieden and Kennedy where I focused on all their clients digital needs. Working on everyone from Nike, Target, Dodge, Levi's and P&G.

My goal overall is simple, keep the Internet and the digital world a wild place. A place where brands can co exist with everyday people without buying their way into their lives. There is still a lot of it to discover and tons of never been dones so there is no reason we should all hide in those social networks.

Wieden+Kennedy: Interactive Art Director - 2010-12
Martin Agency: Creative Technologist - 2009
Hospitality: Everything - 2005-09

Brandcenter: Masters Creative Technology
VCU: Advertising Focus Art Direction

When I'm not working I'm...

In 2011 Maria took her Christmas celebrating to a whole new level. Instead of curling up in the fetal position during the off-season, she spent her time learning html, css, php, and all those other acronyms so that she could better decorate the Internet. She spent her time registering domain names, making videos, and—in true Maria fashion—handcrafting her own websites to spread the word of the Target 2-Day Sale.

Here are just some of sites we made.


Not only did we make her countless websites that we shared out almost daily, we also had her mail out gifts to her ravenous twitter fans, each one more disturbing than the last.

Here are some the videos we made too.

Partners: Darcie Burrell, Rob Kendall, Jason Kreher


Target like everyone else on planet earth is talking about The Avengers movie. They are also selling everything and anything to do with The Avengers. We brought this to life in print by assembling The Avengers with products that can be found at Target. Here are The Avengers we built with Laika and a lot of hot glue.

Partner: Casey Hall


WeAreWestAmerica.com is a website I made for two friends that have a very big trip ahead of them.

Jordan Hufnagel of Hufnagel Cycles and James Crowe of Crowe Metal Co approached me to make a simple site for them that they could update and mange as they explore South America for a year from the back of their dirt bikes.