About me
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My name is Dawid Cmok. I am 25 years. I am a graphic designer from Zabrze, Poland. I hold a MFA Degree in Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. I am trying to keep evolving my style and look for new skills, experience and ideas. Graphic design and street art became my passion. Every day I'm looking for inspiration around me. My works being featured in many magazines and sites about graphic design. Within the last years I took part in many exhibitions and graffiti / street art festivals.

Areas of Expertise:
Graphic design, digital art, photo manipulation, typography.

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Corel Photo Paint.

Exhibitions and graffiti / street art festivals in Poland:

II Śląski Festiwal Graffiti w Zabrzu, 25.09.2005
Hiphopowcy kontra górale, Zabrze, 10.09.2006
Rzeczywistość Przedstawiona, Zabrze, 21.09.2006
St.Art Silesia Vol. 1, Zabrze, 06.10.2007
St.Art Silesia Vol. 2, Zabrze, 28.06.2008
IV Śląski Festiwal Graffiti w Zabrzu, 28.09.2008
Graffiti Jam „Kluski Śląskie 2”, Ruda Śląska, 18.04.2009
Sami swoi w kolorze II, Knurów, 16.05.2009
AWF’alia Graffiti Jam, Katowice, 20.05.2009
St.Art Silesia Vol. 3, Zabrze, 26–27.06.2009
Graffiti in Lviv, Ukraine, 13.08.2009
Street Art Festiwal Arterie – ZOO Jam, Chorzów, 06.09.2009
Graffiti Jam „Kluski Śląskie 3”, Ruda Śląska, 22.04.2010
Sami swoi w kolorze III, Knurów, 01.05.2010
Profitto Graffiti Battle, Dąbrowa Górnicza, 25.05.2010
St.Art Silesia Vol. 4, Zabrze, 25–26.06.2010
Graffiti Jam „Stop War & Terrorism”, Knurów, 11.09.2010
Fest Design, Katowice, 18.06.2011
OFF Festival, Katowice, 01.08.2011

"Dawid Cmok is a graphic designer and graffiti writer from Poland, what I like about Dawid is that he does not restrict himself, he tampers with digital art, photo manipulation and typography, his versatility really shows in his online portfolio".

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