Since 2006, David has started directing a lot of his own work. His passion for storytelling led him to partner with renowned artist Gary Baseman and for the past three years they have been developing a body of work together from video-installations, animations to documentaries and an upcoming feature film.

Hybrid Documentary - 88 minutes
Release date: January 2015
Director: David Charles
Sundance New Frontier Lab Selection
San Francisco Film Fund Selection

Mythical Creatures is renowned artist and Emmy-Award winning creator Gary Baseman's journey to uncover the deepest and darkest secrets of his parents holocaust experiences in the Ukraine, re-imagining them through his art and dream reality.

Mythical Creatures - A Documentary About the Basemans - Trailer from KK Los Angeles on Vimeo.

Video-Installation: 10 minutes
Written and Directed by: Gary Baseman and David Charles
Location: Bryant Park, NY

During Super Bowl Week, David and Gary, were invited to create a short film that was part of a video-installation at Pepsi's dome in Bryant Park New York. The installation featured 5 windows and 5 different stories. "Sweet Dreams" told the story of Veronica (Lili Simmons from True Detective), a young girl who was grounded by her mother and taken away all digital possessions, leaving her only with her sketchbook and imagination. As she draws, her wildest dreams come true in an epic night she will forever remember.

David has collaborated with Art Director Melinda Gorham on a series of music videos.

UK's most popular dubstep DJ sets the mood for a child-star clown who goes on a soul-searching journey filled with chaos and crazy clown stuff.

Written and Directed: David Charles and Melinda Gorham
Produced by BLVD Industries
DP: Todd Kellstein
Editor: Mandy Brown
Producer: Mike Gamms
EP's: Craig Bernard

The Death Set - It's Another Day
Brooklyn's indie-punk outfit scores this romantic-comedy about a man who eats his way to find his one true love.

Written and Directed: David Charles and Melinda Gorham
Produced by BLVD Industries
DP and Editor: Noel Maitland
Producer: Ryan Kohler
EP's: Craig Bernard and Cory Hutchinson