Sundance fellow, David is 50% Brazilian, 50% Greek-American and 100% about the work. At age 17, David played basketball competitively and broke his left foot, which curiously led him to a career as a comic-book writer and music journalist, winning prestigious indie-comic awards and publishing articles in Rolling Stone. In 2001, he was lured into advertising, where he became a writer, creative director for shops like BSSP, AKQA and 72andSunny. In 2012, wanting to explore his entrepreneurial side, David opened the LA office of dutch agency Kesselskramer, where he is currently Executive Creative Director and partner. In two and a half years they tripled their billing and team under his leadership with only blood, sweat and tears for a back-end investment.

David has created integrated campaigns, interactive and non-traditional storytelling experiences for brands and properties worldwide, including James Cameron’s Avatar, Nike, Adidas, Smirnoff, MINI Cooper, Visa, HTC, Xbox, Lucas Arts, The Standard Hotels and the launch of MOCAtv, the world’s first art channel on Youtube.

In parallel, his career as a filmmaker has led him to direct music videos for Skream and Die Antwoord, docu-series for Nike and commercials for MOCA. David and artist Gary Baseman, have co-written a feature film in development with producer Vincent Landay (Being John Malkovich, Where the Wild Things Are and Her) and are in production with their upcoming feature Mythical Creatures, a hybrid documentary, which has been selected to the prestigious Sundance New Frontier Lab for its new approach in storytelling.

David’s work has been featured in the NY Times, Dazed & Confused, LA Times, The San Jose New Media Biannual, Skirball Museum and Art Basel Miami. Awards include Cannes Lions, The One Show, The FWA and others.

Say Hello: david@kklosangeles.com - 415 568 0481
CitizenM just launched their first NYC hotel in Times Square.
So we said: Goodbye hotel clichés and hello affordable luxury.

We created a film with renowned, oscar nominated director PES that celebrated the skillfully crafted terry toweling swan of yesteryear.



For the opening we created a facebook campaign designed to inject some cool back into the area by replacing the infamous tourist portrait artists with some of New York’s finest.

The good people of facebook were asked to submit their profile pics, and 250 lucky winners got theirs redrawn by one of our much cooler, more contemporary artists: Mike Perry, Jon Burgerman, Julia Pott, Chris RKW, and Sheryo & The Yok.



ECD/Writer: David Charles
ECD/AD: Erik Kessels
CD/AD: Melinda Gorham

Anything but Standard. In our first collaboration with the luxury hotel chain we decided to celebrate the most absurd, memorable and naughty guests complaints, comments or requests in the past 15 years. The Anything but Standard 2014 calendar and print campaign for 2014, features a collection of photographs that bring to life comments such as, “My girlfriend and I spent lots of money at the bar and on room service. Any compensation would be greatly appreciated.” and “I lost my kush. Where’s my kush?” This piece generated millions of PR impressions around the world and was even sold at The Standard store as a hot ticket item.

ECD, Writer and Filmmaker: David Charles
CD/Art Director: Melinda Gorham
Designer: Vicente Montelongo

Pre-launch campaign with youtube frames pasted around the Museum's most important pieces to drive PR and word of mouth.

We helped create the world's first art channel on youtube. We positioned MOCAtv, not as an audio-visual extension of the Museum, but as a global initiative that aims to democratize art around the world. Our content strategy would lead with pop culture content (Bjork, Death Grips, Die Antwoord collaborations) and then follow-up with a more in-depth look at some of the most fascinating artists of our time. We also turned it's Youtube Channel into a collaborative space, turning the comments section into an opportunity to work with renowned artists (The Url Project) or become part of the conversation (Love X Hate Graffiti).

ART IN THE STREETS: Love X Hate Graffitti

The comments section became an ongoing discussion board for one of the most controversial art movements of the 21st Century.

ART X YOU: The Url Project
We used the youtube platform to create collaborations between artist and fans, featuring renowned digital artist Rafael Rozendaal.

ART + MUSIC SERIES: Gary Baseman X Die Antwoord
I wrote and directed this animation that brought art and the story of the holocaust to an entirely new generation.

CD/Writer: David Charles
CD/Art Director: Xavier Teo and Davi Sing
Innovation Director: Howard Goldkrand

Integrated effort for HTC's first Global campaign running in many countries. We focused on the features of the Titan phone, by highlighting the amazing things a talented bunch of people could do with them. Think of these as spectacular demo's.

TV LAUNCH: Ascii artist Xavier Gouveia brought nature back to São Paulo.

PRINT/OOH: Hands that belonged to a group of talented people that included Oscar nominated documentarists, artists, entrepreneurs and food bloggers told the story.

DIGITAL: We curated a group of "right hands" and streamed content from their personal work, through the devices. This rich-media piece we gave special excerpts of Lucy Walker's Oscar nominated documentary.
Kurt Cobain took 5 minutes to write Smells Like Teen Spirit. What can you whip up in sixty seconds or less? That's the premise of the SPARK MIXER. A musical game as intuitive and user friendly as "Simon Says" where time is of the essence to show off your musical skills and craft new tracks.



Type in Sprite Spark Mixer on Facebook to play.

Once you're first track is ready you can "get signed" and become a player in the music industry.

SPARK RADIO: The Top submissions get more air time on Spark's station.

SPARK ARTISTS: Inside info about the artists you'll be "working with".

YOUR STUDIO: Save tracks, check progress and start making your first full length.
PANDORA ROVR: Be the First to Discover.

McDonalds’ wanted to take Avatar fans to a place they've never been before.
So we devised a mission to BE THE FIRST ON PANDORA.

Below is a video explaining how we got there.




Role: ECD/Writer

Currently in development, this branded content project for Smirnoff Global is set to bring the rich history of Pytor Smirnov to the world. I concepted and wrote three different treatments that are being tested and pitched to Hollywood studios and financiers for a future co-production.

ECD, Writer and Filmmaker: David Charles
CD/Art Director: Melinda Gorham
Designer: Vicente Montelongo

Due to the success of our MOCAtv launch, we were asked to reposition the MOCA institution under the same strategy. Art is for You became the new positioning focused on democratizing art and drawing a mass audience into the museum.

We launched this campaign with a video installation booth at MOCA to collect the thoughts of renowned artists, members and passerby’s on their most personal experiences with contemporary art, making it feel accessible.

Hundreds of hours were collected to became the content for the entire campaign.

Tumblr page featured all content, making everyone feel part of the campaign.

New membership’s increased far beyond expectations over the course of the campaign and this ethos of making art for everyone has spread across the entire institution, including curatorial efforts such as the Urs Fischer Exhibit where more than 1500 members worked with the artist to build an installation in the Geffen Center.

B,S&T is an 8 episode web documentary about the rough side of Football. The passion, the pain, the blood, sweat and tears of seven footballers that are on the grasp of greatness but haven't gotten there yet.

This campaign was targeted for Teenage Football fanatics around the world and our intent was to give them a reality check of what becoming a pro footballer really is about. None of that glam, glory and gold B.S.

Fun fact: the soundtrack was scored by Joey Santiago (Pixies)

Below are a series of interactive + print work for MINI Cooper highlighting their key features: maneuverability, sturdiness and torque.

We proposed to partner with Google Maps to give you an alternate route with the highest amount of twists and turns to make your point A to B the funnest ever.

We partnered with reputable Car websites and made their real content into the end result/answer to a banner experience.

This banner featured MINI's new wooden trim and the biggest advantage of getting your car decked out in wood is you can chase away bad luck at anytime.

Simple banner execution to show you can get creative with zero budget.


Billboards placed in areas with dense traffic like NY and LA

This ad came with a sticker Copyright mark the size of a gas cap encouraging MINI owners to cut and paste it on their vehicles.

We've used the gutter of several automotive magazines to communicate MINI's big wins.

And finally some freebie's to promote a MINI sponsored Music Festival.
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