Packaging prototype for organic pasta.
Brown buffolo card stock and flat vector illustrations are used to create a raw appearance, emphasising to the consumers that they are indeed a certified organic product. The illustrations on each box are ingredients for the sauce that traditionally goes for each type of pasta.

Social media marketing designs, typically for facebook and email newsletters. Brand identity through typeface and colour choices.

Various yearbook designs

North Sydney Boys High School's annual yearbook design.

Logo and flyer design for a mobile bartending service that provides classic cocktails from the 1920's. Brand identity is to be inspired by the art deco (also since many buildings in Bondi are art deco), reflecting class whilst appearing contemporary at the same time.

University exercise; my personal direction as a designer expressed and documented as a newspaper design. Each news headline would represent a category or value that contributes towards who I am as a designer. This medium also illustrates my interest for print, layout and typography.

Bringing old photographs to life by adding colours to them.