Identity for a Berlin-based rare book dealer.
Typeface used is Andy Clymer's Operator by Hoefler&Co

designed at the KABK Type and Media class 2015–2016, the year Adrian Frutiger, Bram de Does, David Bowie, and Prince died. It is intended for use on gravestones, today an unfairly neglected field of typography. These letters can be cut into stone using a sandblasting machine, sprayed onto walls or boldly used in print.
An attempt to turn negative into posi­tive both semantically and physically. In Ritual Negative, all the processes are inverted: spacing is designed as an object, whereas the ephemeral spaces in between turn into lettershapes, so that you can vary the weight of strokes with tracking. With the help of a Python script, the words you type are converted into a series of countershapes. Currently the font comprises 969 glyphs and continues to grow.
Revival of the czech variation of Goudy Old Style cut by Vojtěch Preissig as found in Karel Dyrynk's book Typograf o knihách.
Stone carving assignment at KABK, still in progress.

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