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The most part of people don't realize exactly the difference among broadband connections. To launch the Speedy Extreme (30 Mbps) and to prove it's the faster broadband connection in Brazil we created a online game. In the game the users can put their connection to the test against other people. It's simple. It's just choose a horse and join to the match. Automatically each user start to download the same 30 MB file and the first one to finish is the winner.

Creative Director: Moacyr Netto; Pedro Gravena
Copywriter: Daniel Xavier
Art Director: Marcelo Mariano “Jesus”; Daniel Bottas; Leo Ehrlich;
3D and Programming: Sumatra; Um Studio

Downloads Race from marcelojesus on Vimeo.

Downloads Race - Winer Video from marcelojesus on Vimeo.

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