A selection of my Apexhub work.

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A selection of my work for the Nintendo Wii release KYLIE SING & DANCE.


 photo Timebomb_Dance.jpg

 photo The_Locomotion_Dance.jpg

 photo Red_Blooded_Woman_Dance.jpg

 photo Got_To_Be_Certain.jpg

 photo Cant_Get_You_Outta_My_Head_Dance.jpg

 photo Wow_Dance.jpg

 photo Spinning_Around_Dance.jpg

 photo GetOuttaMyWay.jpg

 photo AllTheLovers.jpg

 photo BetterTheDevilYouknow.jpg

 photo ComeIntoMyWorld.jpg

 photo LoveAtFirstSight.jpg

 photo HandOnYourHeart.jpg

 photo StepBackInTime.jpg

A selection of my work for the Nintendo Wii release ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER THE MUSICALS SING & DANCE.


MENU SCREEN photo ScreenShot2012-06-01at150213.jpg

SING SCREEN photo Dance_Screen_Mock_up-02.jpg

 photo Dance_Screen_Mock_up-01.jpg

CATS photo JellicleBallDance0013912.jpg

CATS 2 photo JellicleBallDanceCatsBG0020206.jpg

 photo KingHerod.jpg

EVITA photo Evita-Ohwhatacircus0013405.jpg

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA photo phantomoftheopera0031911.jpg

STARLIGHT STARLIGHT DANCE photo StarlightExpressCrazyDance0002421.jpg

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR photo JesusDance0034102.jpg

STARLIGHT ONE ROCK DANCE photo StarlightExpressOneRockNRollTooManyDance0004324.jpg

WHISTLE DANCE photo WDTWNoMatterWhatDance0043710.jpg

WIZARD OF OZ DANCE photo RedShoesBlues0001418.jpg

JOSEPH photo JospehStageVersion0033516.jpg

Photoshoot for Cheshire Based Singer Nat Johnson.

 photo IMG_0769.jpg

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 photo IMG_0744.jpg

 photo IMG_0695.jpg

Music Video Directed, Shot & Edited by myself

Music Video Shot & Edited by myself.

New soundscape experiments. Collaboration featuring Coloquix.

Some A3 Posters I designed for the Wirral Citizens Advice bureau.

A3 Poster i created to be used internally for the Wirral Citizens Advice Bureau.

Ibanez Jem guitars illustrations.

Logo created for Website.

Latest Musical nonsense!

A quick video test using my new Canon 550D + Vintage Miranda Lens.

Edited using Final Cut Pro.

Music is a little idea I have been working on.

Web header for local video producer

The brief was to to create a logo for a piano bar based in Chester.

Flyer created for weekly open mic night based in Liverpool.

Just a few logo idea's for a local band.

Three Trapped Tigers live @ Mojo, Liverpool 2011.

Music Video I created for the band "Black Light Burns. Track: "I am where it takes me".

Queen Sheer Heart Attack Vide Contest Finalist

Timelapse created from 700 Photo's.

Signature Idea

Short promo clip for the Sheffield based electronic artist "Coloquix"