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'The Graduate' magazine got in touch about featuring my latest animation '3.' in their Winter Issue (2011) From the Stockport College University Centre.

NFM penalty shootout in the BBC news.
NFM - centerscreen.com

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The National Football Museum opened summer this year at the Urbis building in Manchester City Center. This was a project I worked on at Center Screen Productions, creating graphics for projections and touch screen interactives.

For this project I was involved in creating the 'Penalty Shootout' in which the visitors have three attempts to kick a ball at the goal mouth and beat the keeper. Using Maya I designed and animated the crowd cheering and booing, and the titles 'Save!' 'Miss!' and 'Goal!'
Then finally using After Effects to compose the keeper and the background netting.

Also working in Photoshop I helped develop several touch screens, adjusting layouts and color schemes. But my favorite was the animated photographs. For this area of the project i was asked to cut out various photographs and clone the background. Which was later handed in to be animated in a subtle way to bring movement and life to the photograph.
Crown Jewels - centerscreen.com

Another project I was involved in working at Center Screen. Separating each element down to each limb of the characters and cloning the background. I also got the opportunity to animate two of the paintings.