Daniel K. Brown
School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Daniel K. Brown, Reader in Design Studio, Master's Thesis Stream Supervisor
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Architecture of Dystopia / Design Intervention as Social and Cultural Activism
The word dystopia derives from ancient Greek for “bad, hard” and “place, landscape”. This design-led master's research stream challenges students to design for a present - as well as a speculative future - characterised by negative environmental, political, economic and social issues. It argues that our ability to effect real change not only involves intervening with the realisable but also through the imaginary. As representatives of the new generation, it demands that students take a strong personal position on what it means to represent this generation. How can the history and decayed state of permanently scarred sites be proactively used in their rejuvenation? How can the means of rejuvenating a scarred site foster a new way of thinking about the significance of decay and the future growth of our built environment?

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